BioLegend is continually striving to provide top quality reagents to support neuroscience research. Our extensive catalog contains a wide selection of antibodies that recognize targets relevant in Synaptic Biology. We are committed to offering these products at a great value to our customers in an effort to accelerate research and discovery in this area. We have permanently discounted over 70 targets in this category by up to 40%. Take advantage of this offering and submit a product review from this selection of antibodies to receive a $25 Amazon gift card from Biocompare. View additional Synaptic Function Antibodies

Presynaptic Antibodies


Specificity Clone
Ankyrin-B N105/13
Ankyrin-B N105/17
ASIC1 N271/44
CASK K56A/50
Doc2b N150/21
GRK (pan-reactive) N145/20
Stonin-2 N346/9
SVOP N356/9
Synaptotagmin-12 N277/7
VGlut1 N28/9
VGlut2 N29/29
WAVE1 K91/36

Postsynaptic Antibodies


Specificity Clone
ADAM22 N46/30
ADAM22 N57/2
ASIC1 N271/44
Dopamine D3 receptor N331/19
GABRA1 N95/35
GABRB3 N87/25
GluR1 N355/1
GluR2 L21/32
IP3R1 L24/18
KCC2 N1/12
KCC2 N1/66
LRP4 (NH2 terminus) N207/27
MAGUK (pan reactive) K28/86
NMDAR1 N308/48
NMDAR2A N327/95
NMDAR2B N59/20
NMDAR2B N59/36
Notch 1 N253/32
PICK1 L20/8
PSD-93 (Chapsyn-110) N18/28
PSD95 K28/43
PSD95 K28/74
RGS14 N133/21
SAP102 N19/2
SAP97 K64/15
SAPAP (pan reactive) N127/31
Thorase (Atad1) N125/10
WAVE1 K91/36

Adhesion Molecules


Specificity Clone
AMIGO-1 L86/33
AMIGO-1 L86/36
AMIGO-1 L86A/37
Brevican N294A/6
Neuroligin-1 N97A/31
NrCAM N343/26
SynCAM4 N244/5
γ-protocadherin A (pan reactive) N144/32
γ-protocadherin-B2 N148/30



Specificity Clone
MECP2 N227/21
MMP-9 L51/82
PARIS (ZNF746) N196/16

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