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Gene Lay, CEO

At BioLegend, our employees are our most important resource. They are the heart of the company. We want each employee to be given an opportunity to thrive as they work to achieve both individual and team goals. Our aim is to provide a culture of opportunity and training to help all employees grow with us. Individuals are empowered to follow their passions, identify opportunities, and pursue ideas that will help the company fulfill its mission to Enable Legendary Discovery. BioLegend understands that a key to the company's growth is for all our employees to continue expanding their skills and abilities.

From inception in 2002, BioLegend has focused on delivering outstanding products, services, and overall value to our customers. These efforts have resulted in growth, consistency and long-term success. For these reasons, BioLegend is in a somewhat unique position to challenge and further develop our team members in a dynamic environment.

- Gene Lay, CEO

"There is no secret to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." – Colin Powell


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The BioLegend Human Resources team manages the recruitment and employment process for BioLegend. To protect the interest of all parties involved, BioLegend will only accept resumes from a third-party recruiter if an executed search agreement is in place at the start of the recruitment effort for a specific position. Unsolicited resumes sent to BioLegend from third-party recruiters do not constitute any type of relationship between the recruiter and BioLegend and do not obligate BioLegend to pay fees should we hire from those resumes. Please do not contact or present candidates directly to our hiring managers or employees.

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