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While some assays utilize antibodies to study cell health, proliferation, cell cycle or apoptosis, other types of experiments can rely on non-antibody based methods of assessment, often called non-antibody chemical probes. These are reagents that localize to an organelle or indicate health based on chemical characteristics like hydrophobicity, charge, size and enzymatic activation.
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Below is a table to aid in reagent choice for cell health and proliferation labeling applications. Cell type suitability indicates whether this reagent labels live cells exclusively or whether it can also label the dead cells in a live cell culture or cells that have been previously fixed with buffers like paraformaldehyde or methanol. Sample suitability indicates whether this reagent can be used to label already fixed tissue sections or single cells in suspension or cell culture. Application indicates their suitability for being analyzed by flow cytometry, microscopy platforms or both. Fixation simply indicates whether the reagent, once used to label a cell sample, will be retained with a paraformaldehyde fixation.
   Cell Type Suitability*Sample SuitabilityApplicationFixation
Chemical ProbeImaging Equivalent ChannelSubcellular LocalizationLiveDead/ FixedTissueCell Culture/ Single CellsFlow CytometryMicroscopyRetention with PFA Treatment
MitoSpy™ Green FMFITCMitochondria   
MitoSpy™ Orange CMTMRosAlexa Fluor® 555, PEMitochondria  
MitoSpy™ Red CMXRosAlexa Fluor® 594Mitochondria  
MitoSpy™ NIR DiIC1(5)Alexa Fluor® 647, APCMitochondria   
Calcein Violet-AMBV421™Cytoplasm   
Tag-it Violet™BV421™Cytoplasm 
Helix NP™ Blue**Coumarin, BV421™Nucleus  
Helix NP™ Green**FITCNucleus  
Helix NP™ NIR**Alexa Fluor® 647, APCNucleus  
CytoPhase™ VioletCoumarin, BV421™Nucleus 
DRAQ5™Alexa Fluor® 647, APCNucleus 
DRAQ7™Alexa Fluor® 700, APC/Cy7Nucleus  
7-AADPE/Cy5, PE/Dazzle™ 594Nucleus  
Propidium IodidePE/Cy5, PE/Dazzle™ 594Nucleus  
DAPICoumarin, BV421™Nucleus  
Zombie DyesSeveral formats available.Cell Surface or Cytoplasmic Primary Amines  
Flash Phalloidin™ Green 488**FITCActin  N/A
Flash Phalloidin™ Red 594**Alexa Fluor® 594Actin  N/A

*If the probe can stain live cells, then the probe is cell membrane permeant. If it can't and requires fixation or for the cells to be dead, the probe is cell membrane impermeant.

**For Helix NP™ and Flash Phalloidin™ products, if tissue sections are used, it is recommended that they are fixed for the experiment.

Zombie dyes, Tag-it™ Violet, and CFSE-DA can be used on live cells for tracking applications.

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