Amyloid beta deposits can often trigger an innate immune response from microglia. This inflammatory process leads to IL-1β activation and the formation of inflammasomes. Following inflammasome formation, ASC specks can be created and released from the cell. Venegas et al. investigated the ability of ASC specks to promote amyloid beta aggregation and spreading, linking inflammasome activity with Alzheimer's disease progression.

BioLegend provides direct conjugates and purified versions of trusted clones to examine microglia, inflammasomes, and amyloid beta in the advancement of Alzheimer's disease research.

Adapted from Venegas, C. et al. 2017. Nature. 552:355. Pubmed
Description Description
CD11b AIM2
CD68 Caspase-1
CD88 IL-1β
Visit our biology page for more information about inflammasomes and other innate immune signaling pathways.
Specificity Clone Formats
β-amyloid 1-16 6E10 Alexa Fluor® 488, Biotin, HRP, LEAF™, Purified
β-amyloid 1-42 12F4 Biotin, HRP, Purified
β-amyloid 17-24 4G8 Alexa Fluor® 488, Alexa Fluor® 594, Alexa Fluor® 647, Biotin, HRP, Purified
LEGEND MAX™ β-Amyloid x-40 ELISA Kit with Pre-coated Plate
LEGEND MAX™ β-Amyloid x-42 ELISA Kit with Pre-coated Plate
LEGENDplex™ Human Macrophage/Microglia Panel (13-plex) with Filter Plate
LEGENDplex™ Human Inflammation Panel (13-plex)
LEGENDplex™ Mouse Cytokine Panel 2 (13-plex)
LEGENDplex™ Mouse Inflammation Panels
LEGENDplex™ Rat Inflammation Panels
LEGENDplex™ NHP Inflammation Panels

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