Multiomics and TotalSeq Reagents

Multiomics has transformed traditional sequencing experiments by providing unparalleled protein and genetic analysis. Explore the capabilities of our TotalSeq™ reagents and see how they seamlessly integrate into existing workflows to uncover what makes each cell unique.


Single-Cell RNA and Protein Detection

Compatible with TotalSeq-AB, and C reagents.

Simultaneously detect surface proteins and RNA with our TotalSeq antibodies, panels, and hashtags which integrate seamlessly into existing single-cell workflows.

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Multiomics Analysis Software

For single-cell RNA and protein data analysis.
To simplify data analysis, we provide Multiomics Analysis Software (MAS), a free cloud-based program accessible to all users irrespective of their bioinformatics background.

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Bulk RNA Sequencing

Compatible with TotalSeq-A reagents.
Our BEN-seq workflow, developed in collaboration with Illumina, stains cells in suspension with TotalSeq antibodies prior to bulk RNA sequencing.

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Single-Cell DNA and Protein Detection

Compatible with TotalSeq™-D reagents.

Resolve complex genetic questions by combining single-cell DNA analysis with protein detection using TotalSeq-D reagents and the Mission Bio Tapestri platform.

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Resources and Learning

Not sure how to start your multiomics experiment? Explore our resources including protocols, video guides, blogs, and application notes to learn how TotalSeq can help you reveal new biological insights.

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Barcode Look-Up

Access our barcode look-up table to view and export barcode information for all of our TotalSeq reagents.

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If you can’t find the reagents you’re looking for, contact us to discuss your project. We offer custom oligo-conjugated reagents including individual antibodies and cocktails. Let us know how we can support your multiomics work.


TotalSeq™ format antibodies are patent pending proprietary technologies of BioLegend. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with us around this technology.


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