Bulk RNA-sequencing is commonly used to analyze RNA expression from a population of cells in suspension. Traditionally, this method has lacked the capacity to simultaneously measure proteins or the resolution to detect more than a few proteins in one experiment. While single-cell sequencing protocols have been adapted to include protein detection by sequencing, similar methods have not developed for whole cell populations. Increase the parameters in your sequencing studies with bulk epitope and nucleic acid sequencing or BEN-seq.


Our new BEN-seq workflow, developed in collaboration with Illumina, stains cells in suspension with TotalSeq™ oligo-conjugated antibodies prior to bulk RNA sequencing, enabling the simultaneous profiling of cell surface proteins and RNA expression. Download our application note to learn more about the utility of BEN-seq and see how we used the technique to detect 280 proteins and measure the Th1 response on both unstimulated and stimulated cells.

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