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Fixative, Paraformaldehyde
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FluoroFix™ Buffer is a ready-to-use buffer, specially formulated for fixation of immunofluorescence stained cells, optimized to stabilize tandem dyes. It can be used as the final resuspension of the cell pellet in immunofluorescence staining procedures. FluoroFix™ Buffer is provided as 100 mL.This quantity is sufficient for 200 tests.

Product Details
Technical data sheet

Product Details

Storage & Handling
The buffer solution should be stored between 2°C and 8°C.

FC, ICFC - Quality tested
ICC - Reported in the literature, not verified in house

Recommended Usage

After final wash in the staining procedures (please refer to Cell Surface Immunofluorescence Staining Protocol), discard supernatant and resuspend the cell pellet in 250 µL/tube FluoroFix™ Buffer. To fully fix cells and perform surface staining, resuspend the cell pellet in 250 µL/tube FluoroFix™ Buffer and incubate in the dark for at least 60 minutes at room temperature. Cells can be analyzed directly in FluoroFix™ buffer. For storage longer than 4 hours, wash 1X with Biolegend Cell Staining Buffer (cat# 420201) and resuspend in 0.5 mL/tube Cell Staining Buffer, cover the tubes.

Caution: This buffer contains paraformaldehyde, which is toxigenic and mutagenic. Please handle with caution and wear gloves, lab coat and necessary protection to avoid direct body contacts.

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Antigen Details

Antigen References

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Related FAQs

Can I keep my stained cells in your FluoroFix™ Buffer (422101) for many days before acquisition?

Keeping stained cells in any fixative for longer periods of time is not recommended. You can use Fluorofix™ buffer as recommended on the data sheet, followed by washing with cell staining buffer and then at the last step, resuspend your fixed cells in cell staining buffer till you acquire your samples in a day or two.

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