a-Synuclein Antibodies and ELISAs
a-Synuclein is a small 140 amino acid, pre-synaptic protein whose normal physiological function remains unclear, despite evidence suggesting roles in membrane trafficking and integration of synaptic signaling processes. It is a member of a family of proteins including the b- and y-Synuclein. The expression of a-Synuclein is particularly enriched in neural tissues, especially the neocortex, hippocampus, striatum, thalamus and cerebrum. Dysfunctional regulation of a-Synuclein is tightly associated with several neurodegenerative disorders. Misfolding, aggregation and fibrillation of a-Synuclein are associated with the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease, and mutations in the gene are the basis of familial forms of Parkinson's. a-Synuclein peptides can also be found as components of amyloid plaques in Alzheimer's disease, as well as in glial cytoplasmic inclusions in Multiple System Atrophy. Post-translational modifications, such as phosphorylation, nitration, and oxidation have been demonstrated to modify the aggregation and fibrillation rates, and this is believed to be an important factor in disease pathogenesis. Levels of a-Synuclein in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) or plasma is currently being investigated as a potentially useful biomarker for disease diagnosis or prognosis.
Sample Data: Staining of Lewy Body of substantia nigra neuron stained with 4D6 antibody (SIG-39720). Clone 4D6 reacts with human, mouse, and rat a-Synuclein. It does not react with b-Synuclein or y-Synuclein. Staining of intracytoplasmic Lewy Bodies in human brain tissue with P-syn/81A antibody (MMS-5091). Clone P-syn/81A reacts with human, mouse and rat a-Synuclein phosphorylated at S129.
Anti a-Synuclein Monoclonal Antibodies
Clone Epitope Reactivity Cat No.
4B12 103-108 Hu SIG-39730
LB509 115-122 Hu SIG-39725
P-syn/81A S129 Phosporylation Hu, Ms, Rat MMS-5091
Syn12 Y125 or Y136 Nitration Hu MMS-555R
Syn202 130-140 Hu, Ms, Rat, Zb MMS-529R
Syn204 1-130 Hu MMS-530R
Syn303 Nitration/Oxidation Hu, Ms, Rat MMS-5085
Syn514 Nitration/Oxidation Hu MMS-556R
4D6 Unknown Hu, Ms, Rat SIG-39720
a-Synuclein ELISA Kit
Our Human a-Synuclein ELISA features:Chemiluminescent detection. Ultra sensitivity, as low as 6 pg/mL. Highly reproducible results. Compatibility with CSF, plasma, serum, saliva, whole blood, and cell lysate samples. A Fit-for-Purpose α-Synuclein Assay for Clinical Cohorts
Specificity Reactivity Cat No.
α-Synuclein Hu SIG-38974
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