Veri-Cells™ are stable, lyophilized control cells ideal for monitoring assay performance and variability, especially during longitudinal studies or across multi-center studies. We now offer Veri-Cells™ Activated (surface), Veri-Cells™ Phospho, and Veri-Cells™ CD34 control cells, which express rare and activation-induced markers such as CD34, CD366 (TIM3), CD279 (PD-1), TIGIT, and phosphorylated p38, ERK and S6. Learn more about our newest Veri-Cells™ reagents below!
Veri-Cells™ Activated (Surface) PBMC

Veri-Cells™ Activated (surface) PBMC stained with the indicated antibodies. Dot plots above are gated on CD3+ cells and quadrant gates are based on corresponding isotype controls.
  • Activated using Concanavalin A (ConA) for 72 hours
  • Ideal for detecting T cell activation markers including CD25, CD69, CD134, CD279 (PD-1), CD366 (TIM3), and TIGIT
Veri-Cells™ CD34 PBMCs

Veri-Cells™ CD34 PBMC were stained with CD45 (clone HI30) FITC and CD34 (clone 561) PE. Dot plots are gated on single cells.
  • Contains a mixture of CD34+ KG-1a cells and human PBMCs
  • Verify CD34 antibody binding without artificial enrichment or collecting a large number of events
Veri-Cells™ Phospho PBMC (MAPK/ERK Pathway)

Veri-Cells™ Phospho PBMC (MAPK/ERK pathway) vehicle control (open) or stimulated control (closed) were stained with the indicated antibodies. The histograms are gated on the lymphocyte population
  • Stimulated with PMA/Ionomycin for 15 minutes
  • Includes both stimulated and vehicle control cells for staining the RAS mitogen-activated kinase pathway including phospho-S6, phospho-p38, and phospho-ERK1/2
Veri-Cells™ Reagents
Activated (Surface) PBMC
CD4 Fluorophore Sampler Kit with
Veri-Cells™ PBMC
Phospho PBMC (MAPK/ERK Pathway)
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Cell Activation Cocktail
True-Nuclear™ Transcription Factor Buffer Set
Intracellular Staining Permeabilization Wash Buffer (10x)
Fixation Buffer
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