BioLegend now offers a new Prime-Step™ Prestained Broad Range Protein Ladder for use in Western blot and protein purification. The three-color ladder can be used to identify molecular weights ranging from 6.5 to 270 kDa and contains 7 blue-stained bands, orange reference bands at 270 and 30 kDa, and a green reference band at 52 kDa. Supplied ready-to-use in sample loading buffer, the ladder offers great resolution for a wide molecular weight range, is compatible with a variety of SDS-PAGE gel and buffer systems, and has excellent transfer efficiency on both PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes.
3 μL Prime-Step™ Prestained Broad Range Protein Ladder was resolved by electrophoresis in different gel running systems, including 14%, 4-20% and 4-12% Tris-Glycine gel, 4-12% Bis-Tris gel (MOPS and MES running buffer), 3-8% Tris-Acetate gel and 10-20% Tricine gel. Then protein ladders were transferred to nitrocellulose membrane. Mw: molecular weight.
Prime-Step™ Prestained Broad Range
Protein ladder
Size Cat No.
50 μL 773301
500 μL 773302
Specificity Clone
Direct-Blot™ HRP anti-β actin W16197A
HRP anti-Clusterin A15113A
HRP anti-Myelin CNPase SMI91
Purified anti-β-Tubulin O95C1
Purified anti-Histone H2B W17025A
Purified anti-LCK A17013D
Purified anti-Pan-Shank N23B/49
Purified anti-RUNX1 W16118A
Purified anti-STAT1 Phospho (Tyr701) A17012A
Purified anti-Tata Binding Protein 1TBP18
Purified anti-TFEB A17106C
Substrate Kit
Western-Ready™ ECL Substrate Kit
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E. coli RNA Polymerase Antibody Sampler Kit
HDAC Antibody Sampler Kit
IRF Antibody Sampler Kit
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Anti-DYKDDDDK Tag Antibodies
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Anti-HA Tag Antibodies
Anti-His Tag Antibodies
Epitope Tag Small Motif Antibody Sampler Kit
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Alexa Fluor® 488 anti-HA.11 Epitope Tag Antibody

HA tagged CHO cells stained with Alexa Fluor® 488 (green) anti-HA.11 (clone 16B12) epitope tag antibody (Cat. No. 901509). Cells were counterstained with DAPI (blue).

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One way that we address reproducibility in research is by validating antibody specificity. Learn more about how we are validating our western blot antibodies using CRISPR/Cas9 and siRNA on our new Knockout and Knockdown Validation webpage.
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