Cytokines have a complex role in the tumor niche, with implications extending to cancer immunotherapy. Given that immune system-based cancer therapy is among the most powerful treatments in our arsenal, it is critical to have tools that unravel the cytokine-tumor network. We provide an extensive selection of bioactive recombinant proteins for cancer research, including cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and enzymes, such as matrix metalloproteinases. As for all of our recombinant proteins, our immuno-oncology proteins are quality tested for bioactivity.


Explore immuno-oncology proteins.


Breakthroughs in cancer research require quality reagents at every step of your workflow. Our scientists have developed a wide array of cancer-focused reagents and resources, including bioactive recombinant proteins, single-cell multiomics, immunoassays, and microscopy. Explore our cancer research hub to learn more about the mechanisms and research applications driving discovery in cancer research. You will also find links to on-demand webinars and other informative and educational content covering the basic tenets of cancer biology.




Cancer immunotherapies are revolutionizing cancer treatment by boosting the body’s own immune system to target and eliminate malignant tumors. Learn more about how immune checkpoint inhibitors, bispecific antibodies and CAR-T cells are considered the most promising immunotherapies. Download our handy infographic on CAR-T/CAR-NK therapies that goes into the design, manufacturing, and advantages offered by these technologies.


Immuno-oncology research and applications require controlled and consistent cell bioprocessing. Our Cell-Vive™ reagents, from serum-free media enrichment for culturing cells to our cryopreservation solution for preserving cell qualities, are GMP-grade, chemically-defined formulations free of animal-derived components to optimize your workflow.



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