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The MojoSort™ Magnet allows the separation of magnetically labeled cells. It accommodates 12 x 75 mm (5 mL) round bottom tubes. The magnetic field generated inside the device is sufficient for the isolation of up to 2 x 108 cells and can fit up to 3.5 mL of cell suspension.

Warning: Pacemaker wearers must stay away at least 12 inches (30 centimeters) from the device. Keep away from computers, tools, and other objects that respond to magnetic fields.

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Product Details


Cell Separation (MojoSort™) - Quality tested

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View more applications data using this product to isolate mouse T and B cells and microglia in our Scientific Poster Library.

Product Citations
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Related FAQs

Is there a way to detach your magnetic particles from the cell surface?

No, not currently.  We have found that cells are functional without the need to detach the magnetic Nanobeads.

What is the size of your magnetic particles?

The average diameter is approximately 130 nm.

Are MojoSort™ Nanobeads compatible with other commercially available magnetic separation systems?

MojoSort™ magnetic particles can be used with other commercially available magnetic separators, both free standing magnets and column-based systems.  Because MojoSort™ protocols are optimized for the MojoSort™ separator, the protocols may need to be adjusted for other systems.  Please contact BioLegend Technical Service for more information and guidance. We do not recommend using MojoSort™ particles for BD’s IMag™ or Life Technologies’ DynaMag™.

What antibodies are present in the depletion cocktails provided for isolation kits?

Please contact our technical service team for further assistance.

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