Not sure how to start your multiplex immunoassay? Explore our resources including protocols, video guides, and blogs to learn how LEGENDplex™ can help drive your research.


LEGENDplex™ in Action: Video Protocols and Seminars


LEGENDplex™️ Technology Overview


Learn how our LEGENDplex™️ multiplex assays can provide simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes in one 25 µL sample with a flow cytometer.

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LEGENDplex™ Cloud-Based Software Tutorial


Learn how to analyze your LEGENDplex™ multiplexing data with our free cloud-based software. We walk through the process step-by-step so you can generate meaningful results from your experiments.

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Principles of LEGENDplex™ and Cytokine Measurement


Cytokine measurement is paramount to tracking cytokine storm syndrome in COVID-19 patients. Learn about the concepts and principles of our LEGENDplex™ multiplexing assays and how they can aid in cytokine and chemokine monitoring.

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Blogs and Technical Notes


Targeting Immune Checkpoints as Cancer Therapy

Learn about the history of immune checkpoint research and how our resources and reagents are designed to support cancer research and immunotherapies.

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Advancing Neurodegenerative Disease Research With Novel Reagents


Read our blog in honor of Parkinson’s disease Awareness Month to learn about the immunoassays and reagents our scientists have developed to advance neurodegenerative disease research.


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The Importance of Quantitative Immunoassays to Measure Antibodies in Response to SARS-CoV-2


See how researchers are using quantitative immunoassays to decipher the immune response after COVID-19 infection.


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Curve Fitting for Immunoassays: ELISA and Multiplex Bead Based Assays (LEGENDplex™)


Learn about the importance of curve fitting and other considerations in running your ELISA or LEGENDplex™ immunoassay.


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