ELISAs are one of the most commonly used techniques to measure the presence of a soluble analyte, like cytokines or chemokines, in serum, plasma, and cell supernatant.Explore our resources including protocols, video guides, and blogs to learn how ELISAs can help drive your research.


Videos and Seminars


Mini ELISA Plate Reader™ and Software Tutorial


Learn how to use our simple, compact Mini ELISA Plate Reader™ and its accompanying free software in this step-by-step tutorial video.

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Webinar: COVID-19 in Asia: Viral Transmission, Host Immunity, and Vaccination


Hear Dr. Meng Ling Moi, of the University of Tokyo, share her experience in providing support to laboratory diagnostics and meeting the challenges faced while responding to COVID-19 in Southeast Asia and Japan.

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RAPID MAX™ Kit: How fast is it compared to a typical ELISA kit?


Watch how our RAPID MAX™ kits cut assay time to 90 mins and offer the same performance parameters as typical ELISA kits. RAPID MAX™ is sensitive and has been validated using several biologically relevant samples.

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Our Fastest Immunoassays: RAPID MAX™ ELISA Kits

Most sandwich ELISAs can take upwards of 18 hours to complete from the coating step to absorbance reading on a plate reader. Learn about our RAPID MAX™ ELISA kits that cut assay time down to less than 90 minutes from start to finish.

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Advancing Neurodegenerative Disease Research With Novel Reagents


Read our blog in honor of Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month to learn about the immunoassays and reagents our scientists have developed to advance neurodegenerative disease research.


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Curve Fitting for Immunoassays: ELISA and Multiplex Bead Based Assays (LEGENDplex™)


Learn about the importance of curve fitting and other considerations in running your ELISA or LEGENDplex™ immunoassay.


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Obese Flies and Other Diabesity Tools


Explore the links between obesity and diabetes with our immunoassays for metabolic disorders.


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