Chemical Probes

While some assays utilize antibodies, other types of experiments can rely on non-antibody-based methods of assessment, often called non-antibody chemical probes. Explore how our chemical probe portfolio can help further your research.


Use the table below to help select the right chemical probe for your application of choice. When choosing a probe taking into consideration subcellular location, cell type, sample preparation, and application is essential.  


Visit our cell health and proliferation page to learn how these chemical probes work and discover how they can assist you in your research.

      Cell Type Suitability Sample Suitability Application Fixation
Chemical Probe Spectra Subcellular Localization Live Dead/ Fixed Tissue Cell Culture/ Single Cells Flow Cytometry Microscopy Retention with PFA Treatment
Autophagy Detection Probe Green Exmax/Emmax 
485, 530 nm
Golgi Detection Probe Red Exmax/Emmax 
544, 570 nm
Golgi Apparatus        
Lysosome Probe Green View Spectra Lysosome      
Lysosome Probe Orange View Spectra Lysosome      
Lysosome Probe Red View Spectra Lysosome      
Lysosome Probe Deep Red View Spectra Lysosome      
Lysosome Probe NIR View Spectra Lysosome      
JC-10 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Kit View Spectra Mitochondria      
MitoSpy™ Green FM View Spectra Mitochondria      
MitoSpy™ Orange CMTMRos View Spectra Mitochondria    
MitoSpy™ Red CMXRos View Spectra Mitochondria    
MitoSpy™ NIR DiIC1(5) View Spectra Mitochondria      
Calcein-AM View Spectra Cytoplasm      
Calcein Red-AM View Spectra Cytoplasm      
Calcein Violet-AM View Spectra Cytoplasm      
CFSE View Spectra Cytoplasm  
Tag-it Violet™ View Spectra Cytoplasm  
Helix NP™ Blue View Spectra Nucleus    
Helix NP™ Green View Spectra Nucleus    
Helix NP™ NIR View Spectra Nucleus    
CytoPhase™ Violet View Spectra Nucleus  
DRAQ5™ View Spectra Nucleus  
DRAQ7™ View Spectra Nucleus    
7-AAD View Spectra Nucleus    
Propidium Iodide View Spectra Nucleus    
DAPI View Spectra Nucleus    
Zombie Dyes View Spectra Cell Surface or Cytoplasmic Primary Amines    
Apotracker™ Green View Spectra Phosphatidylserine    
Annexin V Several formats available Phosphatidylserine      
Flash Phalloidin™ Green 488 View Spectra Actin     N/A
Flash Phalloidin™ Red 594 View Spectra Actin     N/A


Zombie dyes, Tag-it™ Violet, and CFSE-DA can be used on live cells for tracking applications.


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