The complement system (CS) plays an essential role in innate and adaptive immune response. Increasing evidence suggests that deregulation of the complement cascade is a contributing factor leading to chronic inflammation and neurodegeneration observed in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Localization of a full range of complement proteins from C1q to C5b-9 (membrane attack complex, MAC) with amyloid deposits is a prominent feature of AD lesions. Notably, mRNA levels of complement components are upregulated in the affected regions of AD brains. Research has shown that amyloid-beta (Aβ) aggregates can initiate antibody-independent complement activation by binding to C1q and C3b. Furthermore, Aβ deposits are frequently surrounded by activated microglia and reactive astrocytes which are capable of producing complement proteins as well as phagocytosing and degrading Aβ. These inflammatory responses appear to initially play a protective role by removing Aβ deposits. However, the continuous generation of Aβ aggregates leads to persistent complement activation and sustained inflammation that is detrimental to neurons in the brain.
BioLegend is proud to offer a variety of antibodies for complement detection provided in multiple formats for use in different applications.

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Antibodies to Complement Proteins
Description Clone Reactivity Cat. No.
Purified anti-complement C3b/iC3b Antibody 3E7/C3b Human, Non-Human Primate 846102
Purified anti-complement C3/C3b/iC3b Antibody 6C9/C3b Human 846502
Purified anti-complement C3/C3b/iC3b Antibody 7C12/C3b Human 846402
Purified anti-complement C3/C3b/iC3b/C3d Antibody 1H8/C3b Human 846302
Purified anti-human C3a/C3a(desArg)/C3 Antibody K13/16 Human 518101
LEAF™ Purified anti-human C3a/C3a(desArg)/C3 Antibody K13/16 Human 518103
Biotin anti-human C3a/C3a(desArg)/C3 Antibody D17/1 Human 518001
Biotin anti-human C5a/C5a(desArg)/C5 Antibody G25/2 Human 518305
Antibodies to Complement Receptors
Description Clone Reactivity Cat. No.
Alexa Fluor® 488 anti-rat CD11b/c Antibody OX-42 Rat 201812
Alexa Fluor® 647 anti-rat CD11b/c Antibody OX-42 Rat 201814
Purified anti-CD21 (Complement receptor 2) Antibody Bu32 Human 354902
Biotin anti-CD21 (Complement receptor 2) Antibody Bu32 Human 354913
Purified anti-CD35 (Complement receptor 1) Antibody E11 Human 333402
Purified anti-CD46 (MCP) Antibody TRA-2-10 Human 352403
Anti-CD93 (Cq1 receptor) Antibody 60.11 Human, Mouse, Rat 920701
Anti-CD93 (Cq1 receptor) Antibody 74.5.2 Human, Mouse, Rat 920601

Featured Products

Antibodies to Complement-Related Proteins
Purified anti-human Factor H Antibody
Biotin anti-human Factor H Antibody
LEGEND MAX™ Human Factor H ELISA Kit with Pre-coated Plates
Alexa Fluor® 647 anti-mouse CD55 (DAF) Antibody
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