Meet our newest member!


Sparky (Spark Blue™ 550)

With his smaller size, Sparky likes to get into nooks and crannies that others can’t and cause a bit of mischief, like moving pipettes and lab equipment from established locations. But at the end of the day, it’s his goal to expand his circle of fluor friends and build out bigger and better multicolor flow panels than ever before.

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Meet the rest of the fluors!


Fire (APC/Fire™ 750)

Fire is one of the new kids on the block. Her intensity burns brightly, and she loves to be the standard for all red laser fluors. She works tirelessly to ensure she brings stability to all flow users' panels. Fire and Alli love to hang out and gossip about all of the latest flow cytometry trends.

Dazzle (PE/Dazzle™ 594)

Dazzle is a younger member of the group, and her enthusiasm shows. She gets excited by a variety of subjects and outshines others once she gets going. She loves to make every fluor feel welcome in a panel and can't wait to take up a perch in your lab.

Alli (APC)

Alli can tend to space out. She's been a prominent fluor for a long time, so sometimes she lets her mind wander or daydreams about new experiments. And although she can be a bit absent-minded, she'll occasionally spout random, innovative ideas, to the surprise of those around her.

Phil (PE)

Phil can be a bit timid at times. He's seen just about everything there is to see in the science community, and he hopes it's all properly peer-reviewed. People always seem to be playing matchmaker with Phil, but he's really taken a liking to Dazzle lately.

Fitz (FITC)

Fitz is the oldest member of the group... but don't let him hear you say that. Friendly as can be, Fitz is always trying to give guidance to the newbies like Dazzle and Betty. After all, Fitz has been around since the beginning and has helped make countless discoveries.

Betty Bee-Vee (Brilliant Violet™)

Betty burst onto the scene a few years ago and hasn't looked back since. She's become a favorite of flow users everywhere and isn't shy about giving some multicolor panel advice. Betty comes from a big family and loves sharing her knowledge and experience to new users, expanding her scientific family.

Learn more about the past of these fluors with our History of Flow Cytometry page.

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