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We are dedicated to providing custom solutions for your research.

The form below gives us details on your project and will develop a helpful dialogue to ensure your requirements are met. For custom Flex-T™/soluble MHC reagents, please see the notes listed after the form.


If you need to get in touch with our Customer Service, Technical Service, or Field Application Scientist teams, visit our contact webpage.

Your personal data will be handled according to our Privacy Policy. By submitting this request, you consent to being contacted by BioLegend so we may share the latest updates about products, services, promotions, and events. In addition, if you are located within a Distributor Territory, you may be contacted directly by them. We never sell your data to anyone. To view, edit or delete your preferences or personal information, please fill out our Privacy Request Form.


Notes on using the custom Flex-T™ form:

  1. Only one reagent per order. Please repeat the steps below for every reagent to be ordered.
  2. For sizes, monomers are offered in micrograms. Tetramers sizes are in tests.
  3. We offer matches for both antigen name and peptide. You can choose a known antigen name, peptide, or type in your desired information.
  4. If a peptide sequence that is not found in our website is entered, additional information is needed. We need to know whether that peptide has been validated with the chosen allele. If yes, we may ask for data.
  5. If the options offered do not match a desired reagent, please use the Details field to provide all the information needed to produce the reagent. This field can also be used to provide publication references, concentration requirements, bulk size, etc.

We will make every possible attempt to produce a functional reagent. However, if a custom reagent is ordered without previous published or customer validation, an additional fee per product will be charged in case a functional reagent cannot be produced.

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