Custom Services

We understand that your specialized research may require custom requests. Partner with our experts to access a number of custom services at the highest possible standard of quality.


Sample Testing

Partner with us and allow our experts to provide timely, consistent, reliable, and manageable results. Our custom solutions team has extensive experience and knowledge in assay development and expertise with a variety of applications, including flow cytometry, multiomics, immunoassays, and bioassays. Contact us to develop a timeline for testing and analysis of your research applications.

Our bioassay capabilities include:

  • Cellular Proliferation, Inhibition, and Cytotoxicity
  • Cytokine Induction or Inhibition
  • Protein Binding
  • Enzyme or Inhibitor Activity
  • Chemotaxis

Custom requests

Flow Cytometry Panel Construction

Our team of dedicated immunologists and advanced flow cytometry specialists have extensive knowledge in panel design and optimization. We’ll work with you to build an optimized multicolor flow cytometry panel.

Learn more about panel design and optimization >

Bulk Requests

Need large amounts of our products? Get the same high quality at great discounts by ordering in bulk. 

Order in bulk


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