Technology Partnerships

The goal of our partnerships is to support your single-cell and bulk RNA-Seq multiomics research needs. Each of our partner’s product solutions utilizes TotalSeq™ antibodies to bring protein detection to their workflows. Through a comprehensive verification process, each partner has rigorously demonstrated TotalSeq antibody compatibility with their platforms and product solutions.

TotalSeq-A, B, and C seamlessly integrate with several single-cell multiomic solutions offered by 10x Genomics. Assays include the Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression, Immune Profiling Solution, and Gene Expression Flex.

TotalSeq-D reagents allow for simultaneous single-cell targeted DNA and protein multiomics on Mission Bio’s Tapestri DNA + Protein and Tapestri scMRD-AML Multiomics assays.

All TotalSeq formats were designed to integrate with Illumina sequencing platforms. Through our collaboration, we have also developed a multiomics Bulk Epitope and Nucleic acid Sequencing application, BEN-Seq, that enables the detection of both bulk protein and RNA expression.

TotalSeq™ Services Providers


To make multiomics accessible to as many researchers as possible, we have collaborated with select contract research organizations (CRO) and/or service providers who have demonstrated reliability and proficiency in the use of TotalSeq reagents in the corresponding compatible platforms and methods. Explore the service providers below to discover the services they offer using BioLegend reagents.

Q2 Solutions is a leading drug discovery and development laboratory services organization that has pioneered a path to offering a wide breadth of services to the research community, from single-cell technologies to advanced flow cytometry services. Working together, we have verified their expertise and proficiency in performing single-cell assays with the 10x Genomics Chromium platforms, specifically single-cell multiomics for gene expression with feature barcoding for protein detection using TotalSeq antibodies, also known as CITE-Seq. Q2 Solutions has launched global support of these technologies with their new CITE-seq offerings powered by TotalSeq™ reagents and products.


BioLegend and Q2 Solutions engaged in an extensive qualification study of their CITE-seq offerings across multiple sites and sample types. Visit the BioLegend and Q2 Solutions Services qualification data page to take a deeper look at this data.


Qualified Products and Techniques: Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression with feature barcoding,

Single Cell Immune Profiling with feature barcoding


Additional Resources: Single-Cell RNA Sequencing, Clinical Genomics Laboratory Services, Clinical Trial Flow Cytometry Services


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