Quality Control

We are continually holding ourselves to a higher standard to improve the quality of our reagents.

All of our products undergo industry-leading rigorous quality control (QC) testing to ensure the highest level of performance and reproducible results. Each lot is compared to an internally established “gold standard” to maintain lot-to-lot consistency. We also conduct wide-scale stability studies to guarantee an accurate shelf-life for our products.
Additionally, we test the majority of our products on endogenous cells rather than transfected or immortal cells that may overexpress the analyte. We assess our reagents with samples and protocols that reflect our customers' experience. Our willingness to monitor the quality of our reagents extends beyond our lab and into yours.
Support That Extends  to Your Lab Image

Support That Extends to Your Lab


Our support extends beyond the doors of our facilities and into your laboratory. Our QC and product development teams will continue to support our products when the unexpected happens (e.g. leaving reagents out at room temperature or accidentally exposing them to light, freeze/thaws, etc.).


Our exceptional technical services group will help you troubleshoot, optimize your experimental design, and answer questions on data analysis. Local representatives can also visit your lab to explain scientific concepts and the utility of our newest reagents.

Flow Cytometry Reagents

  • Specificity testing of 1-3 target cell types with either single- or multi-color analysis (including positive and negative cell types).
  • Once specificity is confirmed, each new lot must perform with similar intensity to the in-date reference lot. Brightness (MFI) is evaluated from both positive and negative populations.
  • Each lot product is validated by QC testing with a series of titration dilutions.

TotalSeq™ Antibodies

  • Bulk lots are tested by PCR and sequencing to confirm the oligonucleotide barcodes. They are also tested by flow cytometry to ensure the antibodies recognize the proper cell populations.
  • Bottled lots are tested by PCR and sequencing to confirm the oligonucleotide barcodes.

Recombinant Proteins

  • Biological activity is assayed using multiple lots to assure consistency.
  • Endotoxin testing.
  • Purity testing and molecular mass determined by SDS-PAGE.
  • Multiple freeze-thaw stability studies are performed for every new product.
  • QC testing to assure lot-to-lot specific activity is within specifications.

ELISA and Multiplex Assays

  • Specificity testing against multiple other biomarkers, including cross-species testing.
  • Assay sensitivity testing.
  • Linearity testing of diluted samples.
  • Intra- and Inter-assay precision.
  • For multiplex assays- confirmed specificity with minimal cross-reactivity to other analytes.
  • Biological sample testing with cell culture supernatants and/or serum and plasma, if appropriate.
  • Lot-to-lot certification against reference standards.

Western Blotting & IHC Antibodies

  • Purified antibodies are tested for purity by SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis.
  • IgG antibodies are required to have purity >95%.
  • Fluorophore and enzyme-conjugated antibodies follow strict manufacturing specifications to ensure performance.
  • Each lot is validated by QC testing as stated on the TDS to confirm specificity and lot-to-lot consistency.

Magnetic Cell Separation

  • Purity and yield testing for every lot of kit product.
  • Magnetic beads are verified to have low non-specific binding to cells.






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