Custom Reagents

We are dedicated to providing simple solutions for complex research. BioLegend offers custom reagents for all aspects of your experimental workflow.


Conjugations and Antibody Cocktails

We provide affordable, high-quality custom antibody conjugations and cocktails in dozens of fluorophore, oligonucleotide, and protein formats. We offer fluorophores for conventional and spectral cytometry, as well as custom oligos for our individual TotalSeq™ antibody conjugates and larger lyophilized panels. As a manufacturer of thousands of antibodies, we are fully equipped to provide custom solutions for your multicolor flow cytometry and imaging needs.


*We now offer the option to include multiple Brilliant Violet™ and Brilliant™ Ultraviolet dyes in our dry and lyophilized custom cocktails. These cocktails are formulated with our proprietary technology to minimize polymer dye interactions. Download our flyer to learn more.

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Antigen-specific Cell Characterization

T cells:
Soluble MHC molecules are commonly assembled into tetramers to identify antigen-specific T cells in fields like vaccine development and cancer research. Flex-T™ takes MHC monomers and assembles them into tetramers pre-loaded with UV-labile peptides. These peptides in the MHC groove can be swapped out for peptides of interest, allowing antigen-specific T cells to bind through their TCRs.

Custom Flex-T™ options include:
  • Fully assembled Tetramers
  • Monomers not currently in our catalog loaded with UV-sensitive peptides
  • Monomers pre-loaded with a specific peptide (not UV-sensitive)
  • Bulk sizes
B cells:
Similar to T cells, B cells are key players in an immune response against pathogens. Identifying antigen-specific B cells and mapping their BCR sequence to specific antigens can facilitate the identification and characterization of neutralizing antibodies, paving a way to discovering new therapeutics.

Our custom options include:
  • Avi-tagged recombinant antigens that can be multimerized with fluorescent Streptavidin conjugates
  • Fluorescent Streptavidin conjugates that contain oligonucleotide barcodes, for integration into single cell sequencing workflows


LEGENDplex™ immunoassays quantify multiple soluble analytes simultaneously in biological samples using a flow cytometer. While analytes can be targeted in predefined panels or targeted with our Mix and Match system, custom projects may be necessary for analytes that cross multiple kits.

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Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies

We provide an extensive selection of bioactive recombinant proteins, including cytokines, growth factors, chemokines, and enzymes. In addition, we offer biofunctional antibodies for determining cell function. Products are manufactured by BioLegend and quality tested for bioactivity.

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