It is critical to understand the degree of cell death in any flow cytometry assay and exclude those cells from the analysis. BioLegend provides DNA dyes, Helix NP™ NIR, DRAQ7™, Propidium Iodide and 7-AAD, that enter and stain dead cells, but are impermeable to live cells for rapid, cost-effective analysis of unfixed cells. In cases where cell fixation is required, we now introduce fixable Zombie Aqua™, Zombie Green™, Zombie NIR™, Zombie Red™, Zombie Violet™, Zombie UV™, and Zombie Yellow™. Learn more about our tools for live/dead cell discrimination below…

Not sure which Zombie is right for you? Try our Zombie Fixable Viability™ Sampler Kit, which contains 100 tests each of the UV, NIR, Violet, Aqua, and Yellow variants. 

Zombie Dyes are fixable dyes that react with primary amine groups on proteins.  Live cells exclude the dyes, so that only cell surface proteins will be labeled, while dead cells allow the entry of the dyes into the cytoplasm increasing the amount of total protein labeling.  Thus, dead cells will be significantly brighter for Zombie fluorescence than live cells.DRAQ7, Propidium Iodide (PI) and 7-AAD (7-amino-actinomycin D) are high affinity DNA-binding dyes that are effectively excluded from live cells.  Dead cells with compromised plasma membranes allow the passage of these dyes into the nucleus, where they will bind DNA. When excited by lasers ranging from 488 nm to 561 nm, they produce a bright fluorescent signal.

Product Links: Helix NP™ NIR, DRAQ7™, PI, 7-AAD
*DRAQ7™ is a trademark of Biostatus Limited.
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