Having a hard time finding an oligo-conjugated antibody for a unique marker? For a cost-effective alternative to custom conjugations, we’ve expanded our suite of TotalSeq™ reagents to include oligo-conjugated PE streptavidin compatible with any biotinylated antibody.

We offer our oligo-conjugated streptavidin reagents in both our TotalSeq™-A format (compatible with any single-cell platform using a Poly-A capture method) and TotalSeq™-C format (compatible with 10x Genomics Single Cell Immune Profiling (5’) with Feature Barcoding Technology).
Use our oligo-conjugated streptavidin to:
  • Drop-in or identify a new or interesting marker without the need for custom antibodies or performing the conjugation yourself.
  • Build oligo-barcoded Flex-T™ tetramers and sequence the T cell receptor using our TotalSeq-C™ reagents and 5’ sequencing methods.
  • Flow sort your cells before sequencing using the PE oligo-conjugated streptavidin without the need to stain with a second fluorophore-conjugated antibody.

In case you missed our recent webinar with Fluorofinder, check out our video library to learn how you can test the limits of flow cytometry and expand your multicolor panels. Watch as Kelly Lundsten, Business Segment Manager, Advanced Cytometry discusses spectral unmixing, panel design considerations, and presents data from a 24 color immunophenotyping panel generated using the Cytek™ Aurora cytometer.

Identify markers of lysosomes, autophagosomes, mitochondria, and more on our new Cell Organelle Markers poster. Visit the webpage to find products to detect these markers and download or request a physical copy today.

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