Change the way you see spatial biology with our continuously expanding portfolio of microscopy reagents for the latest imaging technologies.


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Cellular imaging empowers an understanding of subcellular localization, function, activity, and health of single cells or a network of cells comprising a tissue. We develop high-quality reagents for microscopy-based imaging, including antibody conjugates and chemical probes. Our trusted reagents are designed with your research in mind to enable Spatial Biology, either through well-established applications such as ICC/IHC or increasingly advanced applications—such as highly multiplexed imaging of dozens of fluorophore targets with IBEX. Gain accurate biological insights by studying your samples in their native tissue context.

IHC/ICC Applications

Our trusted reagents, antibodies and fluors are designed and validated for your immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry research.

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Multiplex Imaging with IBEX

IBEX is a high-content microscopy technique allowing for the analysis of more than 65 parameters within a single tissue section.

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Increase Spatial Resolution with Ce3D™

Add a new dimension to your research by pairing your fluorescent antibodies with our Ce3D™ Tissue Clearing Solution. Our buffer provides unparalleled clarity and insight into various tissues to generate 3D images.

Learn more about Ce3D™ >

Best Practices in Microscopy

Our experts share some considerations for generating fluorescent microscopy images. Learn about which application best suits your research and how to account for a number of factors that can influence your final results.

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