Simultaneous Proteomics and Transcriptomics – The Future of Single Cell Analysis, Bitesize Bio Webinar

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Description: Dr. Marlon Stoeckius of the NY Genome Center describes two recently developed applications that utilize oligo-antibody conjugates to enhance existing single cell RNA-seq platforms. CITE-seq allows measurement of a potentially unlimited number of protein markers in parallel to transcriptomes and Cell Hashing enables sample multiplexing, robust multiplet detection and super-loading of scRNA-seq platforms. TotalSeq™ oligonucleotide conjugated antibodies are now available from BioLegend. This seminar expands on several points presented in Dr. Stoeckius’ original talk from IMMUNOLOGY 2018.

Buyer is solely responsible for determining whether Buyer has all intellectual property rights that are necessary for Buyer’s intended uses of the BioLegend TotalSeq™ products.  For example, for any technology platform Buyer uses with TotalSeq™, it is Buyer’s sole responsibility to determine whether it has all necessary third party intellectual property rights to use that platform and TotalSeq™ with that platform.

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