The Guardians of Biology are in constant surveillance to defend your body from internal threats and foreign invaders. Now you can find out which Guardian best matches your personality with our quiz! Once you discover your inner Guardian, visit our Activity Book webpage to see them in action.

1. Which best describes your eating habits?
Eat anything in sight.
Eat most things, but avoid some foods.
Meat only please.
Pretty picky about food.
2. Describe your level of interest in learning new things?
Want to learn new things all the time.
Learn things, but only in small doses.
Learn things, but only from social media.
Occasionally learning new things.
Only learn new things when I have to.
Never want to learn anything new.
3. How often do you eat rare meat or raw fish?
All the time.
More than 5 times a week.
About 3 times a week.
About once a week.
About once a month.
Not at all.
4. Which of the items below scares you the most?
Memory loss
Flesh-eating bacteria
Giving a lecture
5. Describe your ability to adapt to new situations?
Highly adaptable
Highly adaptable, but only when needed
Moderately adaptable
Slightly adaptable
Adaptable, but don’t like change
Not adaptable
6. In high school, you were:
Class clown
Smart kid
Drop out
7. Which of these weaknesses applies to you the most?
Can’t resist sweets: candies/desserts.
Easy to anger
Over-analyzes things
Always spreading yourself too thin, trying to do too much
Too lazy to work out.
8. In an alternate life, you would do this for a living:
Gourmet chef
Military general
Professional athlete
A magician
A rocket scientist
A teacher
9. Of the following, which is your favorite Marvel character?
Dr. Strange
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Captain America
10. How often do you buy a new article of clothing?
More than two a week
About one a week
One every two weeks
One every month.
Less than one a month.
Rarely ever.
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