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In order to build complex multicolor flow cytometry panels, it is important to define your antibody targets and plan a gating strategy.  This web tool has pre-built quadrants and histograms to help you design your gating strategy.  Your designs can be saved as images for later reference.




  • To begin, drag any of the pre-built plots, which can be moved and resized.
  • Add labels by using the “Create Horizontal Label” or “Create Vertical Label” buttons. Edit the text.
  • You can choose circles, squares, or ovals to add to your plots to identify populations. These can be re-sized based on your preference.
  • The arrow can be rotated using the rotation handle, and can be shortened or lengthened by dragging the left or right edge.
  • Any element can be removed by selecting that element and then clicking “Remove.”
  • When you are done designing your gating strategy, be sure to save your work to an image file, otherwise, your work may be lost.
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