Customer Travel Award


Expand your scientific discovery with a grant from BioLegend


Apply for a grant of $500 to facilitate your attendance at any 2023 life science conference.


Two $500 prizes will be awarded to be used for conference-related expenses. Please apply by completing the application form. Contest is open to legal residents of the United States and Canada regions only.


Two applicants will be selected based on the best response to the question: “How has BioLegend enabled your research?” Citations to BioLegend and indicating the specific products used in your research are a plus. The deadline to submit the application is January 31, 2023. Read our Terms and Conditions below to learn more. Applications will be reviewed and winners will be selected by a panel of PhDs at BioLegend.


Terms and Conditions


ELIGIBILITY: If you are a researcher from an academic or non-profit institution (e.g., technician, PhD/graduate student, post-doc, or principal investigator) in the above regions and are a BioLegend customer or have used BioLegend products in your research, you are eligible to apply. Grants will not be awarded to employees of commercial or for-profit entities. In addition, if you work in healthcare, e.g., as a doctor or a nurse, you are not eligible to receive a grant.


RULES: For any scientific conference or meeting, BioLegend must receive your application by the specified date. To apply, you must fully complete the application. Incomplete entries will not be accepted. Limit one entry per applicant per year. Answers must be between 100 and 250 words. Images are not permitted. The grant may only be used to defray the costs of attending the applicable conference/meeting, including travel, conference fees, etc. BioLegend may require proof you attended the conference.


WINNER SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION:  Two applicants will be chosen by a panel of PhDs at BioLegend. Awardees will be notified via email and their names posted on the BioLegend website.


PRIZES: Two $500 prizes will be awarded toward conference expenses (registration, travel, accommodation, etc.) for any life science meeting. Taxes, if any, are the responsibility of the prize winner.


CONSENT FOR USE: By submitting an application or accepting a grant, you are consenting and agreeing that BioLegend (or its affiliated companies) may identify you, your institution, and the scientific meeting you attended and your response to the application question may be posted online or otherwise used in BioLegend’s promotional materials, including social media, without any additional compensation. You are also agreeing to receive more information relating to BioLegend’s products.


OTHER TERMS: Grants will not be given if prohibited by law or your institution. By applying, you are representing that you are not aware of any prohibition on your receipt of a grant and that you meet all these eligibility requirements. Taxes, if any, are your responsibility. We may change these rules at any time without notice to you.



Enter for your chance to win

How our past recipients have used their award

“I will be using my BioLegend Travel Award towards airfare and lodging to the Society of Toxicology 61st Annual Meeting and ToxExpo in San Diego, CA. With the burden and stress of travel expenses having now been alleviated, I can better spend my time focusing on my presentation at my first national conference. Additionally, receiving an award from a globally recognized biotechnology company positions me on a more competitive playing field among my peers.”

Jacklyn Nguyen | University of Utah

"I am very excited to use the BioLegend Travel Award to help purchase my flight and/or lodging for the International Society for Experimental Hematology Annual Scientific Meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland this September. I look forward to learning about ongoing research in the field and the opportunity to potentially present my findings of the bone marrow microenvironment and its regulation of hematopoietic stem cells at this scientific meeting."

Anna Di Staulo | University of Illinois


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