Rainbow Fluorescent Particles, 1 peak (3.0-3.4 µm) - Bright Intensity

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Sphero™ brand beads, 1 peak Rainbow Calibration Bead
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Bead fluorescence at 405 nm excitation with a 450/50 BP filter (Pacific Blue™ channel).
  • RFP_1-peakBI_1_080812
    Bead fluorescence at 405 nm excitation with a 450/50 BP filter (Pacific Blue™ channel).
  • RFP_1-peakBI_2_080812
    Bead fluorescence at 488 nm excitation with a 530/30 BP filter (FITC channel).
  • RFP_1-peakBI_3_080812
    Bead fluorescence at 561 nm excitation with a 582/15 BP filter (PE channel).

    Rainbow Fluorescent Particles were analysed on a 4-laser BD LSRFortessa™ using detector voltages from a 15-color surface phenotyping assay identifying immune cell subsets in lysed whole blood.
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These Rainbow Fluorescent Particles consist of uniformly sized particles dyed with a mixture of fluorophores. These particles produce a single peak with tight CV in each detection channel of conventional flow cytometers within the specified excitation range. Rainbow Fluorescent Particles can be used with most optical filters intended for analysis of fluorophores commonly used for flow cytometry. As the excitation range of these rainbow particles is 365 - 650 nm, they can be used with most lasers. However, they are not for use with the UV laser. The emission spectra of these rainbow particles is compatible with many common fluorophores used in immunofluorescent staining with flow cytometric analysis.


For standardization of cytometer detector settings between experiments, Rainbow Fluorescent Particles can be used to provide target channels to facilitate set up, ensuring data consistency in consequent runs.  Rainbow Fluorescent Particles are available in two intensity levels: Mid Range Intensity (Cat. No. 422905) and Bright Intensity (Cat. No. 422907), providing flexibility to accommodate samples with different levels of background fluorescence.

Product Details
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Product Details

Rainbow Fluorescent Particles are in deionized water with 0.02% sodium azide and 0.01% NP-40.
107 particles per ml.
Storage & Handling
Store between 2°C and 8°C. Do not freeze. Protect from light.


Recommended Usage

Resuspend well (e.g. vortex briefly) before adding 3-5 drops to 1 ml of filtered DI water.

Application Notes

Use of Rainbow Fluorescent Particles, 1 peak (3.0-3.4 µm) - Bright Range Intensity, is common for the following purposes:
1. Laser alignment
2. Standardization of instrument settings for longitudinal studies (can also use Fluorescent Calibration Particles, 1 peak, Mid Range Intensity (Cat. No. 422905) and multi-peak Rainbow Calibration Particles (Cat No. 422901 and 422903)

Application References

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  1. Perfetto SP, et al. 2006. Nat. Protoc. 1:1522.

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