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Specialized Products and Services Tailored for Your Research
Brought to you by the BioLegend Custom Solutions Team with over 100 years of combined research and manufacturing experience in developing conjugated antibodies, flow cytometry antibody cocktails, ELISAs, multiplex assays, bioassays, recombinant proteins, and custom antibody production.
  • Custom Capability
    Our Custom Solutions Team is comprised of expert scientists including chemists and immunologists with extensive manufacturing and assay development experience.  We will collaborate with you to fully understand your needs, develop a specialized custom solution, and then deliver the highest caliber products and services, along with our quality guarantee. With our extensive antibody and reagent tool-kit to choose from, we are distinctly qualified to provide solutions for immune monitoring, assay development, or biomarker quantification in humans and animals, including mouse, rat, pig, and non-human primates.
    Why choose BioLegend?
    We consistently develop, manufacture, and deliver cutting-edge reagents for today's researchers. We are pleased to provide the highest quality reagents and services at an outstanding value. We collaborate with leading scientists world-wide in developing novel products for immunology, cell biology and biomedical research fields, and are a proud sponsor of just about every immunology society in the world. Our rapid responses to all customers have greatly contributed to the success of the company and more importantly, the success of researchers on the path to discovery.
  • Custom Value
    As a manufacturer of over 15,000 catalog products, we understand the importance of the quality control and documentation processes required to produce quality products quickly and efficiently. As with all of our products, we provide excellent and reasonable pricing for our custom solutions. You can rest assured that your custom solution will be provided at the best possible value. You can fully trust the brand that continues to be the official preferred supplier of antibodies for Harvard Immunology since 2008.
    Our products and services are backed by our high quality standards, including:
    • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified quality management system.
    • Pre- and post-bottling testing
    • Strict documentation and backup of protocols and data
    • Use of regularly calibrated instruments and equipment
    • Lot-to-lot consistency verified by well-defined specifications
    • Highly-skilled personnel with certified biohazard training
    • Daily monitoring of storage refrigerators and freezers
  • Custom Flexibility
    We understand that each customer has unique requirements for their project. That's why we are completely flexible with custom manufacturing, packaging, labeling, bulk sizing, batch delivery timelines, pricing, etc. We are here to meet your needs.
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