BioLegend Application Abbreviations
Application  AbbreviationDescription
ActivationActivInduction of a cellular active state from a normal resting state.
AgonistAgonistUse of a cell-surface targeted antibody to activate a biological response. The response can be either positive or negative depending on the function of the targeted protein.
ApoptosisApopA process of programmed cell death.
BioassayBAUse of a recombinant protein to induce a biological response.
BlockingBlockUse of a cell-surface targeted antibody to block a biological response.
Cell ScreeningCell ScreeningCharacterization and determination of the immunophenotype of a cell population.
Cell SeparationSeparationSeparation of a defined cell population using magnetic nanoparticles either by positive or negative selection.
Cell Separation by Negative SelectionCell Sep – NegSeparation of a defined cell population using magnetic nanoparticles by negative selection, also called depletion.
Cell Separation by Positive SelectionCell Sep – PosSeparation of a defined cell population using magnetic nanoparticles by positive selection.
Chromatin ImmunoprecipitationChIPUse of an antibody to precipitate a protein-DNA complex in order to determine protein binding sites on DNA.
Complement Mediated Cell DepletionCMCDUse of an antibody to target cells for complement-mediated cell lysis.
CostimulationCostimEnhancement of a primary stimulatory signal by targeting a different molecule.
CytotoxicityCytUse an antibody to trigger a cytotoxic cellular response that is not apoptotic.
DepletionDepletionIn vivo, refers to injection of antibody to deplete targeted cell types. In vitro, refers to addition of an antibody in culture to deplete target cells.
Electron MicroscopyEMTransmission electron microscopy is a microscopy technique that detects the scatter of electrons through a thin specimen, providing higher resolution images than other microscopy techniques.
ELISAELISAEnzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
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ELISPOTELISPOTEnzyme-linked Immunosorbent Spot
Functional AssayFAUse of a cell-surface targeted antibody to induce, modify, or block a biological response. Can also be applied to the use of a product to measure a functional activity within a cell.
Flow CytometryFCFlow cytometric analysis of antibody surface-stained cells.
Intracellular Staining for Flow CytometryICFCFlow cytometric analysis of intracellularly-stained cells.
ImmunocytochemistryICCImmunocytochemistry is a technique used to assess the presence of a specific protein or antigen in cells (cultured cells, cell suspensions) by use of specific antibodies, thereby allowing visualization and examination under a microscope. The readout can be colorimetric using chromogen substrate or fluorescent using fluorophore-conjugated antibodies.
Immunofluorescence MicroscopyIFMicroscopic examination of fluorescently-labeled cells, either grown on or spun onto slides, or tissue preparations.
ImmunohistochemistryIHCAnalysis of antibody-labeled tissue preparations, typically frozen or paraffin-embedded.
3D Immunohistochemistry3D IHCImmunodetection applied to formalin-fixed tissue sections of at least 300 microns in thickness, which are optically cleared by tissue clearing reagent.
Immunohistochemistry - FrozenIHC-FImmunodetection applied to frozen tissues (fluorescent or chromogenic imaging)
Immunohistochemistry - ParaffinIHC-PImmunodetection applied to formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues (fluorescent or chromogenic imaging)
ImmunoprecipitationIPPrecipitation of a target protein from solution using an antibody.
Knockout/Knockdown target confirmation by Western BlotKO/KD-WBAntibody specificity validation by Western Blot using lysates derived from Knockout or Knockdown of target gene by CRISPR/Cas9 or siRNA
Live cell imagingLive cell imagingReagents that are applied to and imaged in living cells or tissue explants.
Mass CytometryCyTOF®Single cell analysis of antigen expression using a novel elemental mass-spectrometry detection technology (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer, ICP-MS) that utilizes isotope-labeled antibodies.
Multiplex bead-based assayMultiplexA flow cytometry based assay in which beads with differing internal levels of fluorescence and size are used to capture specific analytes using a sandwich ELISA type quantification.
NeutralizationNeutNeutralization of a soluble factor by an antibody.
ProteogenomicsPGAntibody oligonucleotide conjugates designed to enable the generation of transcriptomic and proteomic data simultaneously, using single cell devices such as 10x Genomics' Chromium and Illumina sequencers.
PurificationPurificationProcess designed to isolate a single type of protein from a complex mixture.
RIARIAA very sensitive in vitro assay technique used to measure concentrations of antigens (for example, hormone levels in the blood) by use of antibodies and radioactive materials.
StimulationStimInduction of a measurable cellular response to external stimuli, such as an antibody.
Western BlottingWBUse of gel electrophoresis to separate proteins by size, followed by detection with an antibody.
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