BioLegend The LEGENDeers
The LEGENDeers were formed in 2013. Feeling the need to dominate both the Immunology world and the Music world, Dzung Nguyen enlisted the aide of a myterious 70's roller rink reject(Sean), a garden gnome(Matt), and Big Bird's cousin(James) to form what would become the most influental science band since Marie Curie's Isotopettes.

Driven by his passion for music and biological sciences, Dzung wrote The LEGENDeers first hit single "Antibodies are so Cool", which soon became a cultural phenomenon. Played by dozens of people around the world, the song became an anthem for the Legends of Biology.

NEW SINGLE - My Tandem released!!!

The LEGENDeers have just released their new hit single, "My Tandem" inspired by the animated series... The Tandem. The song was featured in the finale of The Finale. Check out The Tandem series here.
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