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Starting January 2, 2012, BioLegend began changing the volume per test from 20 µl to 5 µl on our test size products for the following formats: FITC, PE, PE/Cy5, PE/Cy7, APC, and APC/Cy7. In accordance with this change, bottling vials will be changed from 5 mL amber glass bottles to 0.5 mL opaque polypropylene copolymer vials. Each test will continue to contain the optimal µg per test as determined by our product development team.

Why Change?

  • Ease of use: For multicolor panels where many antibodies will be added to a single tube, it is more convenient to have all the antibodies in smaller volumes to accommodate the total volume of antibodies. 
  • Ease of storage: Since all of our antibody vials will be the same polypropylene vial size, they can all conviently be stored in the same container in your refrigerator.
As of January 2, 2012, any existing lots of 20 µl test size products will continue to be offered for sale until inventories are depleted. After this time, depending on when existing stock is depleted and new inventory is manufactured, you will begin receiving products provided as 5 µl test sizes. Material produced following the change date will be indicated as 5 µl per test on the product label. Be sure to check your vial label or check your lot number online to confirm the correct volume per test. For exact concentrations of your lot of product, use our Concentration Lookup.
Why "Test" sizes?
The test size products are pre-titrated for optimal staining of 1 million cells in 100 µl volume, based our testing criteria. So, you do not need to extensively titrate your antibody to determine its optimal usage. But if you are using different conditions or cell types, it is recommended to perform a titration to determine the optimal usage for your specific conditions.
Why choose BioLegend for flow cytometry?

High quality flow cytometry reagents at the best price available on the market. If your budget is limited and you need a discount, just contact us and our friendly sales team will be glad to help.

• Excellent start-up package for investigators starting new labs. Learn more...

Custom conjugations with excellent pricing and extremely rapid turnaround times of 2 weeks, typically. Learn more...

• Flexible discounting for bulk requests.

More color options per antibody specificity, making it easier to construct multi-color panels. View examples in the table below.

    BioLegend Competitor A Competitor B
  human CD40 9 conjugates 5 conjugates 8 conjugates
  human CD86 10 conjugates 5 conjugates 10 conjugates
  mouse CD90.1 12 conjugates 10 conjugates 6 conjugates
  mouse CD103 8 conjugates 4 conjugates 3 conjugates
  human CD154 10 conjugates 6 conjugates 5 conjugates
  human CD184 7 conjugates 5 conjugates 5 conjugates
  mouse CD278 8 conjugates 4 conjugates 2 conjugates
  mouse CD326 9 conjugates 6 conjugates 0 conjugates
  *Number of conjugates is subject to change.
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Spectra Analyzer - Viewable on the iPhone and iPad.
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• Interactive CD Molecule Chart
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