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BioLegend now offers a library of free-to-use Powerpoint presentation slides with useful information for your presentation. Select from slides covering flow cytometry, T cells, myeloid cells, cell biology, and more. Simply sign up, browse by categories, preview each slide, and download the slides you want. *Terms and conditions apply. Unauthorized use of these slides or their content is strictly prohibited.

New slides added: 2013-03-05.
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Terms and Conditions
  • The content of these slides shall only be used for the purpose of presenting the information using Powerpoint.
  • Re-use of this content for web or print purposes is prohibited.
  • Sharing or distribution of these slides without written authorization by BioLegend is prohibited. This includes posting the content or images of these slides to Facebook or other image sharing sites.
  • The content and information covered by these slides is subject to change and can be modified by the authorized user. BioLegend does not make any other warranty or representation whatsoever, whether express or implied, with respect to these slides. BioLegend does not make any warranty of suitability, non-patent-infringement, merchantability or fitness for any particular research use or other purposes of any slide. The entire risk as to the accuracy of the slide is assumed by the user. In no event shall BioLegend be liable for incidental, consequential or punitive damages.
  • The BioLegend team is open to your suggestions or comments. Contact us.
System Requirements
Slides are provided as pptx documents which require Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 or newer versions.
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