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Recombinant antibodies are an essential part of the next generation of research reagents. Explore the capabilities and benefits of using customized recombinant antibodies, as well as other recombinant proteins. We make the custom product ordering process simple, so you can get to your experiments faster. Learn more below.  

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Antibodies are complex molecules, made by specialized cells (plasma cells) of the immune system, and ultimately designed to fight foreign agents, such as pathogens. Antibodies are among the most specific molecules known in nature, as they can recognize very small sections of those foreign agents, commonly referred to as antigens. Thanks to the discoveries made regarding B cell physiology, antibody structure and function, and importantly, the development of techniques to consistently produce antibodies derived from a single B cell (hybridoma-produced monoclonal antibodies), these unique molecules have become one of the most powerful tools in biomedical research and diagnostics. As our capacity to manipulate genetic material evolved, new methods to produce antibodies starting from genetic material have been developed. These are known as recombinant antibodies.
At BioLegend, we understand the need of different platforms when producing antibodies, as they all have their own properties. Thus, we are happy to introduce our custom recombinant antibody service.
We can provide the following recombinant antibody services:
  • Full length antibodies: Species and Isotype switching (Human IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4; Mouse IgG1, IgG2a, IgG3; Rat IgG1, IgG2a, IgGb, IgG2c; and Rabbit IgG)
  • Partial length antibodies: scFv, Fab, F(ab)2, bispecific
Recombinant antibodies are just a special kind of recombinant protein. In general, a recombinant protein is a protein encoded by a segment of DNA that has been manipulated to optimize the expression of the encoded protein by a host cell. The difference between recombinant DNA and natural genetic DNA recombination is that the former is created experimentally with a defined goal, e.g., to produce a large amount of a specific protein. If you would like us to produce a custom recombinant protein, please contact our custom solution team or click in the form button below.
At BioLegend, our commitment is to provide solutions to our customers. This includes providing products and services not listed in our standard catalog. Save time and money by leveraging our expertise.
We provide the following recombinant protein services (from gene to protein):
  • Clone the target of interesting into different expression vectors.
  • Expression of protein of interest in bacteria, insect, or mammalian expression system
  • Purification and/or endotoxin removal
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