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BioLegend’s R&D teams are busy developing products but also take the time to contribute to expanding scientific knowledge by presenting posters at scientific conferences. This poster library is a collection of our scientific posters from recent meetings.

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TotalSeq™:Standardized oligonucleotide barcode antibody conjugates for multiplex immunophenotyping
Utility of Recombinant Hedgehog Proteins and RANKL to Generate Bone Cell Models In Vitro
Powerful Tools for Macrophage/Microglia Research: New Multiplex Assay Panels Using Common Lab Flow Cytometers
Quantifying Murine Anti-Viral Immune Responses: Development of a Bead-Based Multiplex Immunoassay for Standard Flow Cytometers
Characterization of a Novel Rat Monoclonal Antibody Against Murine P2RY12 for Specific Detection and Isolation of Microglia
Anti-N-Terminal Aβ Mab 3A1 Preferentially Recognizes Aβ Aggregates and Does Not Cross-React with APP
Toward Standardization of Alpha-synuclein Measurement: A Multi-pronged/Multi-center Approach for Assay Verification and Validation
Lyophilized antibody cocktails offer long term shelf life and excellent reproducibility for longitudinal studies
Time to GoInVivo™, validated checkpoint functional antibodies for cancer research
Veri-Cells™ Leukocytes and CD4 Low PBMC, lyophilized human blood cells are reliable controls for flow cytometric assays
MojoSort™ nanobead cell isolation using a commercial magnetic column provides high purity, yield, and preserved cell function
Kinetic study of B cell-depletion with a novel mAb anti-mouse CD20, clone SA271G2
Differential Expression of the Transcription Factor SPI1 (PU.1) in Dendritic Cell Subsets
Biological activities of a novel monoclonal anti-mouse CX3CR1 antibody, clone SA011F11
MojoSort™, a versatile nanoparticle for magnetic isolation of CX3CR1+ microglia with high purity, yield and preserved functionality
Multiplex Immunoassays for the Detection of Biomarkers from Non-Human Primates
Lyophilized Human PBMCs, Veri-Cells™, Superior Controls for Flow Cytometry Applications
New Multiplex Panel for Quantifying Interferons and Cytokines Involved in Anti-Virus Responses
New Multiplex Assay Panels for Quantification of Cytokines, Interferons, and Chemokines Involved in Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses
Development of a Robust ELISA Kit to Detect Human APRIL (TNFSF13) Homotrimers and APRIL-BAFF Heterodimers in Human Serum, Plasma, and Other Biological Samples.
LEGENDplex™, A New Multiplex Solution for Cytokine and Chemokine Quantification in Biological Samples
Multi-color fluorescence microscopy application using novel Brilliant Violet™ and Alexa Fluor® 594 conjugated monoclonal antibodies
Discrimination of spectrally overlapping fluorphores using Sony Corporation's (SP6800) Spectral Analyzer
New LEGENDplex™ multi-analyte flow assay panels for simultaneous quantification of 13 Th Cytokines in human and mouse samples
New LEGENDplex™ multi-analyte flow assay panels for simultaneous quantification of 13 proinflammatory chemokines in human and mouse samples
Development of sandwich immunoassays for quantification of total TGF-β1, Latency-Associated Peptide (LAP), latent TGF-β1, and soluble GARP in biological samples
Bioassay development of cytokines involved in neutrophil development and circulation
Differential TLR10 expression on B cell subsets
Development of a phycoerythrin-conjugated antibody array for screening human cell surface markers
Modulating in vivo T-cell activation: 15 color immunophenotyping, cytokine analysis and cellular redistribution
Expression of Ikaros family member molecules in lupus-prone mice: a preliminary analysis
Blocking ADP-ribosylation of cell surface proteins during cell preparation with a Nanobody against ART2 enhances chemotaxis of T cells during in vitro migration assays
Sustained Treg expansion by repeated in vivo injection of anti-TNFRSF25 mAb
LAMP-5 distribution in and on plasmacytoid dendritic cells
Blue and Bright: the introduction of Brilliant Violet 421™, a novel blue-emitting fluorescent polymer for flow cytometry and microscopy applications
Brighter is Better: the introduction of Brilliant Violet™ conjugated antibodies for flow cytometry
Brilliant Violet 421 antibody conjugates deliver consistent and superior performance on violet laser-equipped flow cytometers with varied specifications
A15153G mAb, a novel tool for human TIGIT study
Kinetic Analysis of ZAP70 Phosphorylation in Human T cells: p-Y292, p-Y319, and p-Y493
New Flow-Based, Multiplex Assays Allow Simultaneous Quantification of 13 Soluble Factors Related to Macrophage/Microglia or B Cell Functions
True-Stain Monocyte Blocker™, an effective blocking buffer to eliminate non-specific cyanine-like dye mediated monocyte binding
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