BioLegend Watchfaces for Pebble Smart Watch
BioLegend Watchfaces for
Welcome to the BioLegend Watchfaces for Pebble page! Pebble is an accesorry for your iOS or Android device. It allows you to receive messages, control your music and much more. You can either scan the QR code associated with the watchface to download it, or follow the corresponding link to These watchfaces are also available on the Official Pebble App Store. Just search for BioLegend in the store to find and add them to your Pebble.

MitoSpy™ is Watching You...

Time to Run

The Tandem - Cy5.5

The Tandem - PerCP

The Tandem - PerCP/Cy5.5

The Tandem

The Tandem - Brickhouse

The Tandem - Burgundy

The Tandem - Dazzle

The Tandem - Deep Red

The Tandem - Fire

The Tandem - Garnet

The Tandem - Lava

The Tandem - Maroon

The Tandem - PE

The Tandem - Phoenix

The Tandem - Vermilion

4 Minute Dash

The Ken Lau Show

B cell

Pipettes of Fury - 96 Wells of Pure Ecstasy

Pipettes of Fury - Dragons

Pipettes of Fury - Pipette

Sumo Says - Wash the Plate

The Giant Says - It's How Late?

Time to Pipette

César Milstein and Georges Köhler

Gerald Edelman

Jonas Salk

Leonard Herzenberg

Louis Pasteur

Paul Ehrlich

Breaking Buffers

We Have To Cook...NOW!


The LEGENDeers

Zombie Time

Legendary Discovery Time


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