Legendary discoveries are more important than ever. Whether working from home or researching in the lab, here are some video resources we have put together. Immerse yourself in science with content we've curated just for you


Enzymes in COVID-19 Inflammation


Enzymes in COVID-19 Inflammation

Enzymes catalyze a number of important biological reactions. In the context of SARS-CoV-2, they are vital for viral entry and replication. Learn more about the key enzymes utilized by this virus and potential therapeutics to block them.



Inflammatory Cytokines in COVID-19


Inflammatory Cytokines in COVID-19

Cytokines help cells carry out a variety of important immune functions. However, an uncontrolled inflammatory response, as seen in some COVID-19 patients, can cause harmful effects like cytokine storm. Learn about key cytokine inflammatory mediators (IL-1 beta and IL-6) and the roles they play in COVID-19 progression.



Inflammatory Chemokines in COVID-19


 Inflammatory Chemokines in COVID-19

Chemokines can maintain normal homeostasis within tissues or call cells into action to investigate injuries and invading pathogens. In COVID-19, chemokines like CCL2, CCL3, and CXCL10 attract several immune cell types. Discover the scope of each of these chemokines and how they might exacerbate conditions for COVID-19 patients.



Webinar: Principles of LEGENDplex™ and Cytokine Measurement


Principles of LEGENDplex and Cytokine Measurement

Cytokine measurement is paramount to tracking cytokine storm syndrome in COVID-19 patients. Learn about the concepts and principles of our LEGENDplex™ multiplexing assays and how they can aid in cytokine and chemokine monitoring.



Webinar: Antiviral Pathways


antiviral pathways

Our immune system has evolved mechanisms to detect and respond to viral infections. In this short video, learn about how sensing of pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) by pathogen recognition receptors (PRRs) trigger innate antiviral pathways.



Webinar: COVID-19 and Olfactory Dysfunction


Anosmia, or the loss of sense of smell, is one of the potential side effects of COVID-19. Watch our quick presentation to learn more about the cells of the olfactory system and the markers used to track them.



Webinar: Cytokine Storm Syndrome in the Lungs


What happens when the body’s own immune system mounts an uncontrolled response to infection? Watch as we explore this phenomenon known as cytokine storm syndrome with a focus on how it occurs in the context of viral infections, like coronaviruses, in the lungs.



Webinar: Cytokine Storm in COVID-19


Understanding what drives severe tissue damage during COVID-19 infection will better help us understand how we can fight the disease. In this video, we’ll discuss what is known so far about cytokine storm syndrome associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection, including what cytokines are involved and what may be driving their production.



Webinar: T cell Responses in COVID-19


Watch our quick presentation to learn more about the importance of the cell response during coronavirus infection. We also discuss a variety of BioLegend tools that help accelerate COVID-19 research, including multiplexing assay and antibodies for flow cytometry, proteogenomics, and western blotting.



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