Introducing New Fire Dyes for Flow Cytometry


Advanced flow cytometry requires advanced tools. BioLegend’s Fire tandem fluorophores push the limits of your flow capabilities by expanding into spectral spaces previously unused in conventional cytometry.


PE/Fire™ 640 has a distinct emission peak between the peaks of PE/Dazzle™ 594 and PE/Cyanine5, which allows it to be accurately unmixed from these highly overlapping fluorophores. PE/Fire™ 640 has a bright signal and is ideal for labeling an antigen that is expressed on a small subset of cells.


APC/Fire™ 810 expands the range of spectral detection to the far red—further into the infrared range than any of our previous fluorophores. With limited spectral spillover and an emission peak far outside the autofluorescence range, it can be assigned to nearly any antigen in a large multicolor panel.


More Novel Fluorophores


Missed some of our other new fluor releases? Learn about KIRAVIA and Spark dyes and check out our growing collection of antibody conjugates to these fluors.


KIRAVIA Blue 520™ is the first dye in a new family which utilizes a unique organic backbone that minimizes quenching and allows for a high fluorophore to antibody ratio. KIRAVIA Blue 520 is a brighter alternative to FITC with minimal spillover into other channels.


Spark Blue™ 550 is an easy addition to large multicolor panels built for spectral unmixing cytometers. It is excited by the blue laser and emits between the peak emission of FITC and PE. It can be used as an equivalent to Alexa Fluor® 532.


Spark NIR™ 685 expands your options off of the red laser in large multicolor panels. It emits in the spectral gap between the emission peaks of APC and Alexa Fluor® 700 and can be used in the same panels as these neighboring fluorophores.




Fluorophore Resources


Looking for a handy resource for all of our fluorophores? Check out our Fluorophore Families webpage for a summary of each fluorophore. Here, you can review unique advantages of each fluor and how to best incorporate them into a multicolor panel.







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