We are always seeking feedback on the performance of our products. In order to accomplish this with a fair and broad set of data, we draw on a number of internal and external validation sources.


Biocompare Antibody Survey

Biocompare performs a large survey on antibody usage and how customers qualify the performance of antibodies from each company, as well as some other metrics. BioLegend’s performance ranks consistently high across all categories year over year.

Learn more: Biocompare’s 2017 Antibody Market Report


Publications certainly contribute to the validity of a research product. BioLegend provides an extensive library of publications citing BioLegend products. The library is updated monthly with hundreds of new citations each month. According to a study by Pivotal Scientific, BioLegend had the largest percent increase in citations among all companies with 1000+ citations, between 2010 and 2014.

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In addition to seeing published data, you can also find first-hand customer reviews of our products. Search results can also be filtered to view reviewed products. Our reviews library displays a brief protocol and data for each submitted review. Where necessary our technical team comments on the application. The reviews library also included reviews of BioLegend products from other websites such as Biocompare, OneDegreeBio, and AntibodyResource.

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