BioLegend's LEGENDplex™ bead-based immunoassays quantify multiple soluble analytes simultaneously in biological samples using a flow cytometer. The assay utilizes the same basic principles of sandwich immunoassays, whereby a soluble analyte is captured between two antibodies.

LEGENDplex™ kits are provided with predefined panels, ranging from 3 to 13 specificities, or customers can mix and match any subset within each predefined panel using our Mix and Match system. Custom options are also available.

Each kit provides sufficient reagents for at least 100 tests. The assay can be performed in a 96-well filter plate or v-bottom plate, allowing you to run 40 samples plus 8 standard curve titrations in duplicate, or they can be performed in FACS tubes, where duplicate titrations may not be necessary.

Software is downloaded for free and each kit comes with a dongle key required for use.

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LEGENDplex™ Predefined Panels

The LEGENDplex™ panels cover a wide range of soluble markers for immunology, growth factors, and metabolism. Currently, reactivities include human, mouse, rat, and non-human primate species (Rhesus and Cynomolgus). Panels are carefully selected for important biomarkers that are often analyzed together in a set.

LEGENDplex™ Mix and Match

Our Mix and Match system is more suited for researchers requiring flexibility in the in their choice of analytes. Instead of ordering all 13 specificities in a predefined panel, you can choose any subset within a panel, even a single analyte if desired. The system is easy to use and cost-effective. Just order the analyte capture beads, the appropriate lyophilized standard, the appropriate detection antibodies, and the appropriate buffer set.

Mix and Match kits must be ordered using the LEGENDplex™ page.

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