Oligonucleotide-conjugated antibodies are required for a number of expanding applications including simultaneous protein and RNA profiling in single cells. Despite the vital importance of proteins in biology, previously, it was not possible to incorporate proteomics into high throughput single-cell RNA sequencing assays. To this end, we have introduced our TotalSeq™ product line to allow for high-throughput, multiplexed protein marker detection in single cells, in a method known as CITE-seq.

Clustering of 5,000 CITE-seq single-cell expression profiles of PBMCs reveals distinct cell populations based on transcriptome analysis. The left panel shows global gene expression relationships among all cells, and major cell types separated based on gene expression as indicated. The right panels show mRNA (blue) and corresponding Antibody-Derived Tag (ADT, green) signal.

Buyer is solely responsible for determining whether Buyer has all intellectual property rights that are necessary for Buyer’s intended uses of the BioLegend TotalSeq™ products.  For example, for any technology platform Buyer uses with TotalSeq™, it is Buyer’s sole responsibility to determine whether it has all necessary third party intellectual property rights to use that platform and TotalSeq™ with that platform.

Each TotalSeq™ antibody contains a sequencing compatible PCR handle, a barcode sequence unique to each clone, and a 3' poly A tail mimicking an mRNA molecule.
Human Antibodies
Specificity Clone Barcode
CD3 UCHT1 A0034
CD4 RPA-T4 A0072
CD8a RPA-T8 A0080
CD11b ICRF44 A0161
CD14 M5E2 A0081
CD16 3G8 A0083
CD19 HIB19 A0050
CD25 BC96 A0085
CD117 (c-kit) 104D2 A0061
CD279 (PD-1) EH12.2H7 A0088
Mouse Antibodies
Specificity Clone Barcode
CD3ε 145-2C11 A0094
CD8a 53-6.7 A0002
CD20 SA275A11 A0192
CD45 30-F11 A0096
CD54 YN1/1.7.4 A0074
CD115 (CSF-1R) AFS98 A0105
CD200 (OX2) OX-90 A0079
CD279 (PD-1) RMP1-30 A0004
CD335 (NKp46) 29A1.4 A0184
CD366 (Tim-3) RMT3-23 A0003
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