Primary Antibodies

Primary antibodies can be used to identify proteins or antigens of interest through a variety of scientific applications. Our large portfolio of high-quality primary antibodies can be trusted to support your research needs across applications of flow cytometry, TotalSeq™, microscopy, immunoassays, and western blotting.

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Flow Cytometry

Confidently execute flow cytometry experiments with one of the industry's largest and most trusted clone libraries.

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Strengthen your sequencing approach with our specific TotalSeq™ primary antibodies, compatible with formats A, B, C, and D.

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Quantify proteins in your biological samples with our primary antibodies validated for immunoassay experiments.

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Western Blotting

Choose from our wide selection of clones to reliably identify proteins separated by western blotting and immunoprecipitation.

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Gain a spatial understanding of proteins with primary antibodies validated for microscopy available in a wide selection of fluorophores.

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Custom Antibodies

Entrust us to support your specialized research requests with high-quality, custom antibodies tailored to your applications of choice.

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Monoclonal antibodies, generated in vitro using recombinant DNA technology, reliable for your application of choice.

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Primary antibodies created using a homogeneous population of immune cells to recognize a singular epitope of an antigen.

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Primary antibodies created from a heterozygous mixture of immune cells to recognize multiple epitopes of an antigen.

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Primary antibodies labeled with a biotin molecule best suited for detection of low expression proteins.

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Primary antibodies conjugated to fluorescent molecules for direct single-step detection by light excitation.

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MaxPar® Ready Antibodies

High-quality antibodies, compatible with MaxPar® metal labeling kits from Standard BioTools Inc.

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