Employee Safety, Health, and Well-Being

At BioLegend, our employees are our most important resource. They are the heart of the company. We strive to give each employee an opportunity to thrive, as they work to achieve both individual and team goals.


Core Values: iACT


BioLegend is proud to enable discoveries that improve the human condition through our cancer therapy, neuroscience, and immunology tools. It’s been a phenomenal success, bringing thousands of products to market while we work diligently with our partners and customers to accelerate discoveries that translate to life-altering cures. Together, we’re transforming human health for the better.

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We innovate to consistently bring forth new research solutions.


We aspire and drive one another to dream big, push the limits, and reach new heights.


We collaborate. Broadening our perspective ensures that we deliver high quality solutions.


We transform. It’s our mindset to grow and develop.




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Employee Health and Well-Being

The safety and wellness of our employees is our primary concern. Our benefits package is competitive and comprehensive, providing our employees’ families with protection, security, and quality, life-enhancing programs. We offer medical, dental, vision, life insurance, and prescription drug benefits. There are no pre-existing conditions for our medical plans.

We regularly sponsor races like the Good On You 5K Charity Run/Walk. Our on-site yoga classes and chair massages provide relaxation and stress relief for our employees. For mental health, we provide an Employee Assistance Program at no cost to employees. This program offers resources to employees and their families including in-person counseling/therapy sessions, if needed, at no cost.

Programs to take care of our employees’ health are very important to us. We offer on-site:

  • Workout facilities
  • Group exercise classes
  • Chair massages
  • Wellness rooms
  • Table tennis, corn hole, basketball, bocce ball
  • Organic and fresh food provided at our on-site kitchens

At BioLegend, we also understand the importance of developing camaraderie and having fun. Our quarterly all-hands meetings, in which company progress and questions are addressed, come with delicious catered luncheons. A summer picnic, winter holiday party, and several other events punctuate the year for celebration. Our “CommuniActy” clubs allow employees from different departments to come together, get to know each other, and share in activities such as outdoor yoga, gardening, sewing, soccer, flag football, running, dance, fitness, and softball.

Employee Safety

We strive to keep our labs among the cleanest and safest in the industry, starting with a work environment that is conducive to safe work practices at all times. We encourage employees to be responsible for their own safety, as well as that of others in the workplace. Our policy is that employees report safety concerns, near misses, risk and work-related injuries or illnesses promptly to a supervisor, safety officer or to the Human Resources department.

BioLegend maintains an Injury and Illness Prevention Program administered by our safety officer.

  • Any spills, near misses, incidents, concerns or injuries are reported (2021 total cases with days away from work: 4; recorded injury rate: 1.1).
  • Eye protection is provided for all lab employees, including free prescription safety glasses.
  • Our safety committee oversees policies and every lab has a safety captain to serve as a guide.
  • Safety is discussed every work day in a daily management program.
  • Thimerosal has been reduced and sodium azide has been eliminated in BioLegend products. Mercury thermometers are not used.
  • Lab sharps are collected in separate containers, and hazardous waste is handled and picked up weekly by a certified waste hauler.
  • We have ongoing efforts to reduce our use of hazardous materials.
  • Our ergonomics program covers all employees by providing training and equipment.
  • Underground storage tanks are not used.
  • A daily safety topic is posted on our company intranet.
  • Comprehensive new hire and annual safety training is provided to all employees.

Employee Recognition & Training

Recognizing our employees’ hard work and successes and offering opportunities for growth are key to BioLegend’s culture. We offer programs and awards to recognize employees’ outstanding contributions. To facilitate career growth and development, we provide training programs for new and seasoned leaders, as well as many on-the-job training opportunities.

  • Quarterly employee awards
  • ASPIRE leadership program
  • Shout-outs on company intranet
  • Training programs and continuous learning, including: BioLegend Academy, QA-administered training, on-the-job training, cybersecurity and sexual harassment training
  • Technical training programs
  • Regular compensation benchmarking to maintain competitive pay programs
  • Flexible work arrangements, subject to the specifics of the role

Diversity & Inclusion

Here at BioLegend, we value the best talent, regardless of background. We prohibit discrimination based on a person’s race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, disability, veteran status, marital status, or sexual orientation. Embracing diversity builds strength, camaraderie, and increased understanding of our differences and similarities in the workplace and the world around us. This world-view not only makes BioLegend a great place to work, it builds a foundation to treat all of our employees, partners, and customers with the highest levels of respect.

We recognize each employee’s desire to receive fair and impartial treatment. In keeping with its efforts to promote the fair, consistent, and nondiscriminatory administration of policies and standards, BioLegend has established a Commitment to Fair Treatment procedure that all employees may use.

  • Employee-led Diversity & Inclusion CommuniActy club
  • Affirmative Action program
  • Our sponsorships include: Beyond Sciences Initiative for intercultural dialogue and IUIS Education Symposium to support scientists from developing world

Gender Equality

At BioLegend, we strive to promote gender equality in the sciences and empower women in STEM. We understand that women in life sciences have been historically marginalized and are taking action to reverse this trend.

Our sponsorships include:

  • Association for Women in Science (AWIS)
  • IUIS, Committee on Gender Equality and Career Development

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