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BioLegend at IMMUNOLOGY 2018™
Each year, the American Association of Immunologists gathers for an annual meeting to discuss their latest findings. This year's IMMUNOLOGY 2018™ meeting takes place in Austin, Texas. As a platinum sponsor, we'll be hosting and supporting a number of events, including the Service Appreciation Reception (by invite only), which honors AAI's volunteers, and the IMMUNOLOGY 2018™ Gala. The Gala will be hosted at Stubb's Bar-B-Q and will come complete with live music from a local band, The Nightowls. You can sample some of their soulful music here.
Image from The Nightowls Website.
In addition to these social gatherings, we'll be sponsoring academic awards, like the AAI-BioLegend Herzenberg Award, which pays tribute to Leonard Herzenberg and honors a researcher's developments in the field of B cells. This year's winner is Jason G. Cyster of UCSF. His lab focuses on leukocyte migration, immune surveillance, antibody affinity maturation, and the prevention of autoimmune antibody production. We also sponsor the AAI-Lefrançois-BioLegend Award, in honor of Leo Lefrançois, to shine the spotlight on a rising star in mucosal immunology. This year, the honor goes to Neil Surana of the Boston Children's Hospital. Dr. Surana works on the identification of immuno-modulating bacteria and their influence on immunity overall.
(Left) Jason G. Cyster. Image from UCSF. (Right) Neil Surana. Image from Boston Children's Hospital.
You can also attend our exhibitor workshops, which will have three drawings a piece for $50 Amazon gift cards. We'll examine the role of the Ubiquitin pathway in controlling melanoma by regulating immune checkpoints and BioLegend's TotalSeq™ reagents in single-cell analysis. We also have a number of poster sessions where you'll get to directly interact with our scientists to discuss their work with recombinant proteins, multiplexing, and more.

One of the best parts of conferences? The swag.
Be sure to swing by to visit us at Booth #303, where we'll have plenty of new literature and giveaways, like our upgraded Immunologic Networks Poster, Immunology Handbook, and more. We'll also have a Quiz Game, where high scores can earn you a sweet prize! You'll also get to learn about our newest products, some of which will be unveiled specifically at the conference.
If you're still looking for a little funding for your travel, be sure to check out our Junior Investigator Travel Award, which provides $500 to help offset the cost of attending a scientific conference. We hope to see you soon to show you all the new things we've been working on.

If you're seeking out activities while in Austin, check out this article from CNN for some inspiration. And, you can browse these Austin fun facts while you're planning your itinerary!
Austin Fun Facts:
  • It was originally named Waterloo when chosen as the capital of the Republic of Texas. It was later renamed to Austin to honor Stephen F. Austin.

  • The South by Southwest Festival started here in 1987. It showcases films and music, drawing huge crowds. In 2017, it was estimated 421,900 people attended SXSW.

  • It's the fastest growing city in the United States. It's also America's most populous city without a sports franchise.

  • Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World and the Violet Crown City due to the purple hue the hills take on during winter nights. BioLegend approves of the color scheme!

No, not that Steve Austin.
Image from WWE.
Contributed by Ken Lau, PhD.
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