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BioLegend Joins the Resource Identification Initiative to Improve Research Reproducibility

September 23, 2016

SAN DIEGO--For years, researchers in academia and biotech have struggled to replicate published studies. Recent analysis has concluded that a significant proportion of published studies cannot be accurately reproduced, which has driven a movement to identify methods to improve reproducibility. One aspect is the ability to identify the exact source of the research reagents used in publications. BioLegend has now teamed with the Resource Identification Initiative to list BioLegend’s entire 17,000+ antibody products portfolio, with each product getting a unique RRID # (Research Resource Identifier), which will be stored at

The Resource Identification Initiative, led by Anita Bandrowski of SciCrunch, is a mission of FORCE11, a collaborative community of scholars, publishers, activists, research funders, and others seeking to improve knowledge creation and sharing.

“BioLegend has always sought to enable legendary discovery by providing quality reagents. We believe that the Resource Identification Initiative will help provide researchers with the appropriate reagents to reproduce studies and further accelerate scientific breakthroughs,” says Gene Lay, CEO of BioLegend. BioLegend’s product technical data sheets now include the RRID for easy cross-referencing with the Antibody Registry.

Cell Press, a major publisher of biology journals, has already released a new format for publishing procedures, called STAR Methods, which includes listing the RRID for reagents such as antibodies, cell lines, model organisms, chemicals, software, and more. It may be a long road before all publications adopt such measures to verify research reagents, but BioLegend is committed to being in the forefront of improving research validity and reproducibility in collaboration with the Resource Identification Initiative.

About BioLegend:

BioLegend develops and manufactures highly recognized, world-class antibodies and reagents at an outstanding value to customers for biomedical research. Our broad product portfolio includes flow cytometry, cell biology, and biofunctional molecules for research in immunology, neuroscience, cancer, cell biology, stem cells, and more. Our aggressive product development program, accomplished through technology licensing, collaborations, and internal research and development, has produced a product offering of over 17,000 products, which have been collectively cited in over 25,000 peer-reviewed journals. BioLegend also offers a wide range of custom services including assay development, sample testing, and conjugation. BioLegend's reagents are supported by superior customer service and a quality management system dedicated to continuous improvement that is certified for ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

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