BioLegend Tools for the iPad Mobile Application

Tools for the iPad Application

Welcome to the BioLegend Tools for iPad application! Like our iPhone releases, this application provides you with important information about your mouse and human CD Molecules, Cytokines and Chemokines. It also includes BioLegend pathway posters, an antibody usage calculator, and a lab timer. Optimized for the iPad for speed and clarity. You can also find out all of the latest news and information about BioLegend including discounts and new products.

  • Information on Human & Mouse CD Molecules from the HLDA Workshop
  • Information on Cytokines & Chemokines
  • BioLegend Pathway Posters
  • Antibody Usage Calculator
  • Lab Timer
  • Cell Marker Info
  • Interactive Non Human Primate Immunology Chart
  • Spectra Analyzer
  • Fluorochrome Chart
  • Brilliant Violet™ Information
  • BioLegends Multicolor Panel Selector
  • The Video Library
  • Literature
  • Ability to request hard copies of literature
  • Airprint integration.
  • Twitter integration (iOS 5 only)
  • Ability to email most items
  • FAQs
  • The Chemokine Superfamily Circle
Please let us know what other apps may be of interest to you on your path to legendary discovery.
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