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Here at bioHarmony, we understand you’re looking for the right cells in your life. We are the #1 trusted site for connecting researchers to their cells. We know you’re searching for a long and fruitful funding process with these cells, not just some short-term project. Our special, scientific system utilizes 389 dimensions to match you to the right leukocyte. In order to get matched up, take our romance personality quiz. After all, you can’t know what you’re looking for until you know yourself. To learn more about your cells, check our Areas of Biology webpages.
1. What’s your idea of a good first date?
A. A night at home watching Netflix.
B. A moonlit stroll on the beach.
C. A quick coffee or lunch meeting.
D. Dinner and a movie.
E. Drinks and dancing at a club.
2. Your date has brought you to a party where you don’t know anyone…you are…
A. Leaning back in a corner waiting for your date to come get you.
B. Downing your drink as fast as you can to get more comfortable.
C. Casually chatting up some new friends.
D. Adding people to your Facebook and planning your next event.
E. The life of the party! Woooh! Another round of drinks!
3. You and your love interest have just started texting…your policy is…
A. My phone? Oh…the battery must have died…I didn’t see your texts…
B. Text them immediately after they text you. Oh my God, hurry up and text me!
C. Wait roughly 5 minutes before responding.
D. Call them instead so you can hear their voice.
E. Take as much time as they take in responding. If they wait two hours, you wait two hours.
4. When it comes to fidelity…
A. You can’t get everything you need from one person.
B. I’m completely dedicated to my partner from the start. We might as well be the last two people on earth.
C. I’ll keep my options open until we’re serious.
D. Faithfulness is established by open lines of communication.
E. Once I meet someone, I’m only focused on that one person.
5. How much do you trust your partner?
A. There’s no reason to trust anyone.
B. I may or may not have hacked their Facebook and email address.
C. I worry in some situations, but I’m usually just over-reacting.
D. We’ll talk through situations I’m concerned about.
E. I trust them implicitly.
6. Marriage is…
A. Not happening. People aren’t meant to be committed like that.
B. What was that? I’m sorry, I’m busy picking out the dress, location, and caterer. No, I don’t have a significant other yet, why do you ask?
C. A possibility. I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, but maybe it’s out there.
D. A connection with your best friend.
E. What I’m hoping for. I want to meet that one special person.
7. How much space do you like in a relationship?
A. Ugh…I already saw you once this week. What more do you want?
B. I want to spend every waking moment with them.
C. We’ll meet just on the weekends. I’ve got a busy schedule.
D. I’d like to see them at least a couple times in a week.
E. It’s important for each of us to have our own things to do. Time apart is good.
8. You’re facing the possibility of a long distance relationship. You…
A. Call off the whole thing. Long distance never works.
B. Promise to write them and call them every day to make it work.
C. Keep the relationship going, but realize that it’s probably unlikely that this is going to work.
D. Talk it through with them to see if one of you can compromise and move.
E. See how things go…maybe you’ll both see it through.
9. Your significant other breaks up with you. You respond by…
A. Psh. Whatevs. I was already seeing someone on the side.
B. Oh my God! I gave you my heart! I’m slashing your tires.
C. Crying into my gallon of chocolate ice cream as I watch romantic movies.
D. Trying to talk things out with them to see if we can work it out.
E. Surrounding yourself with your friends to see you through it.
10. How long would you wait until you introduce your significant other to your family?
A. Um, yeah…they’re not getting introduced.
B. Immediately! I want my parents to see how great they are.
C. I don’t want to introduce them in case it doesn’t work out.
D. Whenever my partner feels comfortable.
E. When I feel we’re truly in love.
You can learn about the other personality types below.

B Cell

You…might be overly attached. You’re quick to fall head-over-heels for a new romance and take it badly when things don’t go well. Your tendency to bind and attach shares similarities with a B Cell, with produces antibodies that stick to their targets. You should learn to be a little more self-dependent, otherwise your relationships, much like a B Cell’s antigen target, could be smothered.

Dendritic Cell

You’re at your best when you’re communicating. Open lines of communication between you and your partner are what you feel makes a relationship stable and happy. If you don’t have an emotionally available partner, you’re going to have difficulties. You just want someone to be as open as you are. Dendritic Cells are excellent communicators as they bridge the gap between innate and adaptive immunity. They have their dendrites in many aspects of immunity.


You’re a skeptic in love, but you’re still hopeful that the perfect match is out there for you. Despite some rocky patches in your past, you’re still on the hunt, much like a Macrophage that seeks out its target by sampling its surroundings. Give it some time, keep sampling from the dating scene, and you’ll find the right type of person that triggers your stimulatory pathway for love.

NK Cell

Maybe…love isn’t for you. Whether it’s because you’ve been scarred in the past or are carrying some emotional baggage, you don’t seem to be ready for a long-term relationship. The Natural Killer Cell fits you because you don’t trust easily and you’re constantly scanning your partner for flaws. That being said, you’re really looking out for your own safety. In time, you might be able to let your guard down with the right partner.

Stem Cell

Sometimes, it’s hard for you to make up your mind in matters of love. You’ve answered enough questions evenly that your personality matches up with a Stem Cell. Like a Stem Cell, you see infinite possibilities and outcomes, and you can have trouble discerning which way you should go. A little decisiveness will help you get on track and feel some confidence with your choices. You can learn more about the evenly matched traits you scored for below.


You’re an emotionally stable individual. You know how to temper your expectations, and it lets you approach issues in an appropriate manner. While it’s not always easy, you usually make the right decisions when it comes to matters of love. Similarly, Tregs know how to control inflamed situations in their lives. While anti-inflammatory properties can beneficial for your immune system, just remember that sometimes it’s worthwhile to let loose with passion in your life and enjoy the moment for what it’s worth.
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