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Science can be tough for both novices and grizzled lab bench veterans. Our monthly video series with Dr. Ken Lau will take you through helpful tips and advice regarding multicolor flow cytometry panel construction and other assays. Stay current on all things science with us.
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Episode 10 - Autofluorescence

Description: This month’s Ken Lau Show takes a look at the issue of autofluorescence, the molecules that create it, and how you can avoid it in your samples.


Autofluorescence blog:
Autofluorescence in microscopy:

Episode 9 - Zombie Fixable Viability Dyes

Description: With Halloween fast approaching, we look at our Zombie Fixable Viability Dyes to offer tips for its use in flow cytometry and microscopy.


Zombie Fixable Viability Dyes:
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Episode 8 - Fluor Choice and Marker Expression

Description: On this Ken Lau Show, we look at some more tips for panel building for flow cytometry, like marker expression and bivariate analysis. Keywords: flow cytometry, multicolor, panel building, bivariate, acute myeloid leukemia, expression, BioLegend, Ken Lau, science, tips, help.


PE/Dazzle™ 594 promotion and information:
Flow cytometry for acute myeloid leukemia:
Expression of common surface molecules on blood cells: Expression_Common_Proteins_121511.pdf
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Episode 7 - The History of Flow Cytometry and Fluorophores

Description: You perform flow cytometry all the time, but do you know how this technology came about? This month’s Ken Lau show takes a look at the key milestones of development for both the flow cytometer and fluorophores.


History of Flow Cytometry:
Legends of Biology:

Episode 6 - LEGENDplex™

Description: This month, Ken Lau hosts his very own game show! He quizzes contestants on the merits and features of BioLegend's brand new product, LEGENDplex™, which is a bead-based multi-analyte flow assay kit.


LEGENDplex™ :

Episode 5 - Nuclear Antigen Targets

Description: On this month's Ken Lau Show, we take a look at some considerations for panel building in nuclear antigen staining, particularly fluorophore size, and methanol/ethanol fixations.


Flow Cytometry Buffers :
PE/Dazzle™ 594 Conjugates :
The Tandem :

Episode 4 - Tandem Fluorophores

Description: There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the use of tandem fluors in flow cytometry. This month's episode of the Ken Lau show covers the basics of how tandem works, tips for their use, and our brand new tandem, PE/Dazzle™ 594.


FluoroFix™ Buffer :
PE/Dazzle™ 594 Conjugates :
The Tandem :
Tandem Dyes :

Episode 3 - FMOs, Autofluorescence, and Isotype Controls

Description: When performing flow cytometry, you have to have the proper controls in order to understand what's real in your results. This month's episode of the Ken Lau show looks at the importance of autofluorescence, isotype controls, and fluorescence minus one controls.


TruStain FcX™ Products :

Episode 2 - Panel Building and Tiers

Description: This month, we cover the fundamental building blocks useful for creating a panel. We discuss the proper controls that should be included with every experiment and how you can break your panel into easily digestible tiers for proper fluor assignment.


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Multicolor Staining Guide:
Panel Building Reference:
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Episode 1 - Fluorescent Proteins

Description: Fluorescent proteins produce fantastic colors and serve as excellent reporters for genes of interest. In our inaugural episode, Dr. Ken Lau takes you through the origin of the first fluorescent protein and how these proteins can affect your panel’s other markers.


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Spectra Analyzer:
Multicolor Panel Selector:
Custom Panel Construction:

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